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Positive Luxury’s mission is to inspire people to buy better and influence brands to do better. We award the Butterfly Mark to luxury brands that are committed to sustainability, helping consumers shop with confidence.

The Butterfly Mark is an interactive trust mark that identifies the brands in the Positive Luxury community of #brandstotrust. It offers brand transparency at the point-of-sale in a consumer-friendly way.

To earn this coveted trust mark, brands must pass a stringent annual assessment that examines sustainability from a holistic point of view; encompassing governance, social and environmental frameworks, philanthropy and innovation.

If you’re a luxury brand that cares… find out how to start your journey with Positive Luxury  and join our growing community of trusted brands.

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Our Story
Our Story - Part 2


The Butterfly Mark originates from the fascinating story of the Large British Blue Butterfly. This species was extinct in Britain in 1979, yet was brought back to the natural world due to the dedication of multiple organisations and individuals.

Today, the story of the Large Blue Butterfly is known as the most successful insect reintroduction in the world.

This story was told to co-founder and CEO Diana Verde Nieto by Sir David Attenborough in 2010, when she had the honour of presenting him with his Lifetime Achievement Award. It inspired her to consider how if we all put our minds together, we can reverse the negative impact we are having on our planet’s resources.

"The restoration of the Large Blue Butterfly to Britain is a remarkable success story, illustrating the power of ecological research to reverse damaging environmental changes.” - Sir David Attenborough

The Butterfly Mark represents the companies that are working towards creating a positive impact in society, while minimising their environmental footprint.


Positive Luxury was founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Diana Verde Nieto and Karen Hanton MBE, in a joint mission to close the trust gap between people and brands.

At Positive Luxury we believe that businesses can be a force for good. This outlook is dependent on cultivating strong leadership and a people-centric business culture, where social good and environmental responsibility is encouraged throughout the organisation.

Positive Luxury is a Silver Winner of the 2017 International CSR Excellence Awards.