2016 review: A year of positive living

As we prepare for the year ahead, we’ve also been looking back at the brands and influencers who have inspired us over the past twelve months. Here we round-up the top ten inspirational quotes that haven driven us to discover a more positive way to live.

Wishing you all a positive and prosperous new year. See you in 2017!


Jasmine Hemsley at East by West / Photo credit: Nick Hopper

“I’ve also learnt that when it comes to fashion, less is more. Over time, I’ve come to appreciate my purchases and their quality more, taking into consideration the long term potential of a purchase rather than being so easily wooed by pieces that may not have a real purpose in my wardrobe.”
Jasmine Hemsley

“Sustainability to me really is about balance. Balance in the ecosystem, balance in our relationship with — or the way we consume, the way we behave.”
Celine Cousteau

“Consumers are finally asking the right questions, educating themselves, and demanding more from their products and the brands that they support. The veil is slowly lifting.”
Virginia Stone



Photo Credit Courtesy of Oshadi


“We should not forget that we have an intimate connection with nature, and I think protecting it should be a collective thinking of all industries and everyone; whether it be fashion or non-fashion.”
Nishanth Chopra, Oshadi

“For me ‘Positive Luxury’ is all about the care and conscious ‘positive’ thought given to a product or service. It the difference between being thoughtful (full of thought) as opposed to thoughtless. It doesn’t mean expensive but it is always precious.”
Jayn Sterland, Weleda

“We do not believe in cutting corners and truly understand the unique heritage and significance of traditional fur artisanship. Our craftsman still creates our furs almost entirely by hand, using the very same techniques passed down from their ancestors.”
Alpaca Plush


Natalie Kay Smith, Sustainably Chic

“Any business who cares about people, the environment & their economic position, truly knows what they are doing. It isn’t just about profits, the planet or a group of workers – it is everything combined”
Natalie Kay Smith, Sustainably Chic

“In my mind, luxury and sustainable mean the same thing. ‘New’ luxury is responsible and supportive of local communities and environment – it’s so much more than a pillow menu and Champagne on arrival. I think it is impossible to have a luxury business without putting ethics at the forefront of the company.”
Alex Malcolm, Jacada Travel

“I knew immediately that I didn’t want to open just any run-of-the-mill e-commerce store, but one that was mindful of the environment and the garment workers involved in the supply chain.”
Alyssa Lau

“This was advice I was given by one of mentors at Microsoft and has served me well. Always ask and be open to feedback. It will help you grow and understand your blind spots.”
Rathna Sharad, Runway to Street


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