3 Slow Fashion Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

Shopping independently is a soul-enriching way to buy better. From small-scale production to supporting a family run business, we’ve found the brands that are sustainable without compromising on style…


NEED TO KNOW: SIDIKAI is born from a lifelong passion for design and soulful creators, and the belief that it is everyone’s duty to build a better world with the resources we are given. Using high-quality sustainable textiles as well as cutting-edge new fabrics, each piece is crafted by seasoned local workshops. All pieces are made-to-order to reduce stock and ensure quality. At least one piece of every collection is made in collaboration with a social program. Quality ensures longevity. Sidikai provides care information and the option to recycle or modify your garment to give it a “second life”.

POSITIVE TIP: Discover this brand up close and personal, with a bespoke tailoring service custom-made to fit you. Experience their black and white Kodah collection in a unique way, with the option to customise your blazer, coat or vest. Local artisans will embroider your chosen look with a poem, song, phrase of your choice, even making a truly special way to commemorate a date or anniversary. 


NEED TO KNOW: Learning his craft at the eponymous British design house Vivienne Westwood, Georg Weissacher went on to establish a cult-status, urban-inspired label Peoples of All Nations.  Their brand name came from Georg’s idea of what London, the birthplacof POAN is to him: harmony through diversity. Symbolising multi-culturalism, his pieces are developed with innovative weavers and knitters in Italy for what he believes is the very best in forward-thinking tailoring, spending time meeting all in the supply chain to build a friendly and sustainable working environment.

POSITIVE TIP: Their ‘No Hoodie No Yoni’ range is a limited-edition design especially for charity. Grassroots Soccer supports young girls in Africa affected by the issues surrounding HIV, as well as gender equality and violence against women. Designed to raise awareness, it features exclusive quotes from Sir Alex Ferguson and more – including our very own Butterfly Mark. 


NEED TO KNOW: A luxury handbag line designed to make a difference, Mayshad Paris crafts a continuity to art, with a limited series in each of their collections. Founder Nezha Alaoui builds a brand with a clear message: for women to exercise their own will to love life, freely and happily. Inspiring women to create a life for their best selves, each piece is mirrored with that same sense of pride and love, handmade in the most prestigious Parisians workshops.

POSITIVE TIP: Going beyond just a bag, Alaoui started the Mayshad Foundation an NGO for empowering young women. The Mayshad Festival is the main fundraising event, an annual meeting of global leaders and New York elite and highlighted by a Classical Music concert in the Moroccan desert.

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