How often have you found yourself entering a room and only to feel overwhelmed by the amount of ‘things’? Or the time-honoured conundrum of having lots of clothing but nothing to wear. There is never a better time to get better organised than spring, so discover our tips on how to declutter your surroundings, and bring a bit more inner peace.


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This one takes a bit of input at the beginning, but once you start you’ll soon realise what you do and don’t wear. Hang all your clothes in your closet facing the same direction, then when you’ve worn the piece return it and hang the opposite way. At the end of the month, analyse what you haven’t worn and donate it to charity or a well-deserving friend. Plus, we heard Oprah Winfrey swears by it.


THE 12-12-12 METHOD

Challenge children – or yourself – to this race-against-the-clock method, whereby you put aside an hour a day once or twice a week. Seek out 12 items to donate, 12 to throw away and 12 to return to their proper place. A holiday it may not be, but it’s a super-quick and fun way to deal with 36 items you may have been staring at for weeks. Once you’ve established the things you want to keep, store them properly so you know where they go back to – we love the handwoven baskets by Artha




Textile waste is one of the biggest problems the fashion industry faces, so do your part and know what you’re buying in to. If you’re having a wardrobe overhaul, take the time to consider for each piece “How much would I pay for this right now?” If your answer doesn’t stand the test of the time, consider letting it go to a more worthy cause.



And the best part about decluttering? You now know exactly which key styles are missing from your wardrobe. Invest in pieces that you know you’ll love forever, from brands that manufacture less quantity but better quality, promoting a much more sustainable clothes cycle – this way, you’re less likely to buy more over time. See our blog posts ‘How to build a lean wardrobe with Lee Vosburgh of ‘Style Bee’  and Style with substance: How to build a sustainable wardrobe’ for tricks on how to curate the perfect closet with fewer styles. 

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