6 Alternative Ways To Keep Fit

Tired of the gym? These exercises will encourage you to spend more time outdoors, and provide a break from your usual fitness regime – and more importantly, they’re designed to be enjoyed!


Making for excellent cardio, the movement also strengthens your lower body and joints, for a low-impact alternative to running on hard ground. There are now purpose-built trampoline parks all over the world, including wall-to-wall trampolines and foam pits for maximum shock absorption.


This is yoga like you’ve never seen it before. Blending aerial acrobatics with traditional yoga asana and breathwork, it is designed not only to work your body out, but to cultivate feelings of trust and letting go. Building your core strength and improving balance, it’s a mental workout too.


A combative sport, this has been practiced since the middle ages – but why is it having a comeback? Both a physical and tactical challenge, it emphasizes agility and endurance, greatly improving your anaerobic fitness. Think of it as your alternative to a HIIT class, except instead of zoning out to make it easier you’ll want to stay completely alert for this!


Encouraging you to swap the gym for the outdoors, this is a workout that can be done anywhere. Founded by international male model, TedX speaker and movement coach Roger Frampton, it breaks down each movement and focuses on how the human body moves, in a way reverting back to how you moved as a child. A blend of body weight and gymnastics, each exercise is designed to be relevant to the person and translate into more complex exercises – you’ll be performing handstands in no time.





Forget surfing, paddle-boarding is the new water sport to love. Engaging your core and strengthening your body, this exercise builds a lean, muscular tone and many studies suggest that being on open water can actually relieve stress. Working out your entire body from tip to toe, it’s sure to leave you feeling blissed out and connected to nature.


Once reserved for children’s parties, this activity is fast becoming a popular form of working out with adults too. Using your arms, legs and core muscle groups, it’s perfect for mobilizing any stiff areas; the rhythmic back-and-forth motion of your body flexes and rotates your spine, hip and knee joints.

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