6 Tips For A Deeper Sleep

We all know the feeling: the tossing and turning, the wide-awake worrying and the waiting for the next day. Here are our favourite tips and tricks to help you fall asleep more quickly and deeply, enjoying a better quality night and ensuring you feel rested by the morning.



Prior to sleeping, if you’re able to run a bath then indulge in a quick 10-minute soak before heading to bed. Studies show that if you raise your temperature a degree or two with a bath, the steeper drop when it comes to going to bed will help you sleep deeper more quickly.


Yogi’s will tell you that the practice is a time-honoured way to unwind. It helps with your breathing, and prepares you both physically and mentally ahead of the next day. If you’re new to the art, try a beginner’s guide online or get down to your nearest class – you’ll be sleeping deeper in no time.


The latest app the Instagram crowd love, Headspace encourages you to be more mindful of your breathing. Offering meditation guides you can do in just a few minutes, it’s the easiest way to calm yourself before bedtime…


…But wellness guru Karen Cummings-Palmer recommends going phone-free an hour before getting some shut eye. The light your device emits stimulates your brain and can keep it over-stimulated while you snooze – so save some zzz’s and resist temptation by using the time to dive into the book you’ve been meaning to read instead.



Invest in stylish sleepwear that is breathable too. Our #brandtotrust Bodas creates capsule pieces that are cut from ultra-soft jersey cotton and silks – shop our favourites below.


And finally, invest in luxurious bedding that encourages a good night’s sleep. Penrose Products uses mindfully sourced alpaca wool in their duvets and pillows, which works to regulate your body temperature as you drift off – the duvet is so snug you might even find it hard to jump out of in the morning.

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