Alpaca Plush Q&A: Brand Origins & Homeware Choosing Tips

Alpaca Plush has been working with alpaca fibre for over twenty years. The brand embraces the uniqueness of alpaca fibre, one of the softest textiles in the world, to create luxurious homewares that you’ll love for generations to come.

We caught up with co-founder Steven Harris to find out how his brand got started and what advice he would give when you’re looking to make that final purchase. 

Hua Rug in Pearl White

How did Alpaca Plush begin?

We were introduced to alpaca fibre by a friend of ours during a church mission to Ecuador in the early 90s. We had been looking for a unique business to get into. The alpaca industry is so well regulated and is such an

The alpaca industry is so well regulated and is such an animal-friendly industry. We loved the alpaca fibre itself and the responsible story behind it, so began selling locally in 1996 and have steadily grown since.

Why did you choose alpaca over other animal fibres? 

We chose alpaca because we feel it is the perfect natural fibre. It’s a hollow fibre, so it is incredibly lightweight, yet holds a phenomenal amount of warmth. It’s also hypo-allergenic, making it safe for any household.

Alpaca fibre has a beauty and lustre that really is unmatched and is amazingly soft. All of this combined makes it the perfect choice for us.

Hua Runner Rug in Taupe

What is unique about your alpaca rugs? 

Alpaca rugs are truly a unique experience. Most other woollen rugs are quite dense to the touch, but because the fibre is so soft and light, our alpaca rugs have an incredibly gentle texture.

I imagine it would be similar to walking on a cloud with a gentle breeze blowing through your toes – heavenly!


What’s been your favourite bespoke project to create? 

Our favourite recent project was a 24 square-foot rug that we created for a celebrity client in Los Angeles. The largest rug we have ever produced!

It was such an exciting project, I am already looking forward to the next one.


Suri 18 by 18 Taupe Area Rug


Do you think sustainability is a growing trend within interiors and homeware? 

Absolutely. Sustainable and natural products have been popular for a while now but we are definitely noticing this is on the increase.

It’s a wonderful time for homewares, products with transparency throughout their creation are far more satisfying for both manufacturer and customer, we look forward to this being the norm!


What are some questions to ask when looking for sustainable homeware?

Ask about the origins. Is it a natural product? How natural is the production process? Generally speaking; buying natural has less impact on the planet and often goes in tandem with classic designs that you will love for longer and won’t go out of style. 




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