The Treatment Clinically Proven to Reduce Stress Levels

As if we needed more reasons to support Aveda – (read about its social and environmental efforts here) – frazzled beauty editors in their droves are currently booking into the brand’s lifestyle Salon & Spa retreats in London and recommending everyone else does the same. The reason? Aveda’s trademarked Stress-Fix treatments have been clinically proven to reduce stress levels.

The secret to its luxurious manis, pedis and massages (the latter of which consists of a dreamy 80 minutes of pampering) lies in the aroma of its Stress-Fix oil – a blend of organic French lavender, lavendin, frankincense, vetiver and clary sage – and one of the newest additions to Aveda’s line of botanical wonders.

Aveda Stress Fix

Not only can all of its ingredients be traced from origin to bottle, but together they are said to relieve muscular tension and promote general feelings of calmness and wellbeing. Currently available as a body lotion, body crème, concentrate (applied by rollerball to the temples and wrists during moments of unease) and soaking salts, in-house Aveda therapists opt for the following techniques to get the best boost from the Stress-Fix line:

1. Begin with a foot bath

The Aveda ritual begins with a foot soak using the Stress-Fix Soaking Salts. As well as relieving any heel-related aches and pains, this quick step sets the mood for relaxation.

2. Take deep breaths

Placing a focus on breathing not only allows clients to enjoy the Stress-Fix aroma, but introduces one of the key components of mindfulness – placing emphasis on the present, without any thought for day-to-day anxieties and stresses.

3. Alter the temperature

At Aveda, warm towels are used to help loosen tired muscles before the Stress-Fix oils are applied, while the treatment bed is also heated to ensure the environment is as comfortable as it can be.

4. Opt for Swedish and acupressure techniques

While a gentle massage might feel great, it’s unlikely to relive the muscular knots that build up over time and cause back pain, particularly in those with desk-bound lifestyles. The Aveda ritual uses both deep tissue techniques (kneading, twisting and prodding) as well as more conventional sweeping strokes to work more deeply on sources of discomfort.

5. And repeat

Aveda’s signature Stress-Fix massage consists of an 80-minute long treat. Time should be set aside for relaxation, just as much as work or other commitments…make a massage a regular part of your routine and reap the benefits in posture, composure and mental clarity.

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