5 Body Positive Influencers To Follow

Social media can be a blessing and a curse when it comes to self-image. On the one hand, it’s never been easier to discover new people and gain health, cooking and style inspiration from all over the world. On the other, it can fuel negative self-perceptions thanks to an endless stream of ads and altered images. What to do? Rather than shunning social media completely, we suggest adding these Instagrammers to your follow lists. They’re the women bringing confidence, intellect, debate and much-needed body positivity to our feeds.


British model Iskra – @iskra –  has long been an advocate for enjoying and accepting your natural shape. Her signature hashtag #everybodyisbeautiful accompanies shots which aren’t filtered or airbrushed. (She’s also a dab hand with a smart, funny caption.) Iskra campaigns for what she calls “social responsibility in advertising, image and editorial content – specifically, content that challenges the thin “ideal” and promotes diverse representations of beauty.” She’s also the producer and host of The Mirror Challenge, a five-part online documentary about building self-worth. She recently took time out from her schedule to chat to Positive Luxury – find out more about the multitasking model here.


Actress, TV presenter, model and writer Jameela Jamil started her Instagram #iweigh movement “for us to feel valuable and see how amazing we are, and look beyond the flesh on our bones.” She encourages women to create Instagram posts that celebrate their unique attributes and achievements rather than their weight. Fun, emotional and inspiring, her account is a positive pocket of Instagram to scroll through.


Harnaam is a 28-year-old life coach and body positivity activist. She was spurred into her career after deciding to accept rather than fight excessive facial hair caused by polycystic ovary syndrome. Harnaam has had to overcome bullying and mental health challenges along the way, and has a wealth of advice on how to love your body; her account is all about defining your own rules for what is beautiful. For a shot of self-confidence and an insight into her story, you can check out her TedX talk here.


After model and campaigner Cax’s leg was amputated due to cancer, she became an online advocate for discussing and building self-appreciation and self-love. Her colourful account is full of fashion, travel, gorgeous imagery and discussions about living life with on her own terms. She says “there are so many women with disabilities who rarely see themselves represented, and I want them to know they too are worthy and deserve to be celebrated.”


Megan’s one million followers come to her Instagram account for practical, grounded advice about how to abandon diets and to build a healthy, happy relationship with eating and your body. She also delves into the psychology behind negative body image and why social media can be so destructive to our IRL health and happiness. If you want more, she’s penned a book on the subject too: ‘Body Positive Power.’

Main image: @MamaCaxx

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