Body Positivity: Five Plus-Size Instagrammers to Follow

It may be slow progress, but we’re pleased to see a shift towards the fashion and beauty industry showcasing a wider variety of body types. Social media, particularly Instagram has played a role in this, giving a platform to many who may have previously been overlooked by the mainstream.

We’ve picked a few of our favourite influencers who celebrate body positivity, and highlight how beauty, strength and inspiration come in a variety of sizes.


Sabina Karlsson – @thesabinakarlsson

A model from the age of four, Swedish-born Sabina Karlsson battled with her weight throughout early adulthood. In 2010 she embraced her true shape and started modelling as plus-size. Her distinctive look – Sabina is mixed race, with curly red hair and freckles – and body confidence has made her a fashion and Instagram star. Look out for before-and-after photos on her feed explaining why she’s happier now.  



Nicolette Mason – @nicolettemason

Based between LA and NYC, Nicolette Mason is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, creative consultant and contributing editor for Marie Claire. We love how her style combines the feminine with a rocky edge, think leather jacket layered over sheer fabrics and flowing skirts. Look out for classic street style shots and her penchant for all things pink!



Danielle Brooks – @daniebb3

Best known for her role as Taystee in Orange is the New Black, Danielle Brooks is a woman worth following. We love her energetic voice — she shares her own experiences of being plus-size, offering confidence tips and promoting body positivity via #voiceofthecurves. We’re also particularly into Danielle’s candid snapshots of her with friends and fellow cast members for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the actress’ life.



Marquita Pring – @marquitapring

Model Marquita Pring’s Instagram combines flawless photoshoots and casual selfies, all showcasing her sexy and playful personality. A strong voice within the call for diversity in fashion, Marquita walked the runway for several designers this season, including Christian Siriano and Tome. She is also a co-founder of Alda, a group of models who aim to use their influence within the industry to empower women and change the perception of beauty.



Jessamyn Stanley – @mynameisjessamyn

Yoga instructor Jessamyn Stanley’s Instagram feed highlights that strength, flexibility and grace isn’t dependent on your size. We love how Jessamyn’s photos are accompanied by personal stories sharing her own struggles or philosophies to inspire and motivate others. Her upcoming book, Every Body Yoga, aims to break stereotypes and act as a reminder that “yoga isn’t about how one looks, but how one feels”.


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