Brands that Care: When Material Innovation meets Respect for Craftsmanship

When it comes to building a sustainable lifestyle, one of the key things to consider is what materials your products are made of. From leather to cotton, as consumers we’re growing increasingly aware of the impact raw material production can have on water, chemical and carbon use.

The good news is, brands are too – and some of the best are actively innovating to ensure their raw materials are not only sustainable, but designed with quality. Material technology has seen major improvements in the past decade, helping sustainability shed its un-sexy or homemade image in mainstream culture. 

Here’s Positive Luxury’s edit of brands that care about the materials they work with. From luxurious handbags for your arm to pacifiers for your little angels, these Butterfly Mark-approved labels use their creativity to ensure that the materials they work with are low-impact and positive for the environment.


Leather Offcuts: Elvis & Kresse


Image Credit: Elvis & Kresse

London-based Elvis & Kresse has just inked a five-year deal with Burberry to use Burberry’s leather offcuts as material for Elvis & Kresse luxury accessories, which are made from reclaimed materials. Half the profits will go towards renewable energy causes, and the other half will be invested in waste reduction measures and training leather craftspeople. We can’t wait to see what designs they come up with…! 

Weekend Bag 

Post Bag

Fire & Hide Keychain


By-Products of the Fishing Industry: Aitch Aitch


Image Credit: Aitch Aitch

The leather used by emerging luxury bag brand Aitch Aitch piece is sourced from an unlikely source – salmon skin. A fishing industry byproduct, the organic skins are sustainably farmed in Ireland, then dyed and tanned using non-toxic and non-chemical processes by a family-owned tannery in Europe. This unique marriage of material innovation and honor for craftsmanship ensures that Aitch Aitch designs are beyond beauty, with durability and technical design at the heart. 

Amelia Backpack 

Abagail Cardholder in Stone

MK Tote


Heritage Lace: Freolic London


Image Credit: Freolic London

Every Freolic piece is made from unique French lace as sensual and beautiful as the brand’s designs. Freolic London’s laces are from Dentelle de Calais-Caudry, a house that produces rare and exceptional fabrics that can only be made on Leavers looms specific to this region of France.

This weaving skill is derived from a centuries-old tradition and method of thread intertwining. Dentelle de Calais-Caudry has evolved this 200 years-old craft with modern technology, allowing the looms to create a wealth of fabrics that transfigure the classic image of lace. Each Freolic item has a Dentelle de Calais-Caudry certificate marked with a unique serial number, which acts as a guarantee that this exceptional Leavers lace was produced in Calais-Caudry and nowhere else.

Grace Ivory Bra 

Grace Ivory Brief

Grace Ivory Suspender


Eco-Leathers and Skins: Bronagh Holmes Luxury


Image Credit: Bronagh Holmes Luxury

Fans of the Emerald Isle should check out Bronagh Holmes. Specialising in eco-leathers, suede, and fish leather, the Irish accessories label hand-makes all its covetable bags and travel accessories to order in its home country, reducing waste and carbon output. The fish leather sourced by Bronagh Holmes originates from Iceland, where the production process of this material makes use of renewable hydro and geothermal energy.

Bronagh’s designs are created out of a love for fashion, but with a desire and awareness to our social and environmental responsibilities. We love how this Arwen quilted leather satchel reflects the designer’s Irish roots!   

Alana Leather Handbag

Arwen Leather Handbag

Aeryn Holsten Hair-on-Hide Handbag


Environmentally-Friendly Tech Fibres: Dai


Image Credit: Dai Womenswear

Womenswear label Dai specialises in smart, tailored clothes in high-performance fabrics, so that your work clothes can do everything your leisurewear does. For their signature technical fabrics, Dai uses environmentally conscious Italian mills, such as Eurojersey, who invest in technology to reduce waste and save energy as they produce your clothes. Eurojersey has been awarded some of the highest-level sustainability certifications in the textile industry, including both the EPD Environmental and Climate Certifications, and Oeko-Tex Certification. 

Now & Forever Silk Blouse 

Trail Blazer in Midnight

Cap’n of Industry Dress in Plum


Sustainably Harvested Rubber Trees: Hevea


Image Credit: Hevea Planet

Hevea Planet makes the cutest baby toys and pacifiers – like this Kawan Jumbo Rubber Duck as just one example – and they’re all made out of 100% natural rubber. Unlike its petroleum counterpart, natural rubber is derived from rubber trees that can be sustainably harvested for approximately 35 years and then replanted. This biodegradable material that’s created in fun designs means babies get to enjoy natural, non-toxic and plastic-free toys.

2-in-1 Baby Glass Bottle with Star Ball 

Star & Moon Pacifier

Kawan Jumbo Rubber Duck


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