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Being a responsible business is about more than protecting the environment, it means enhancing the lives of people too. These brands that care invest time and resources in their employees, communities and those in need further afield…


Karmoie’s attitude to social good is epitomised by its name. Derived from the Sanskrit word karma, “action” or deed”, and the French word joie or “joy”, the joy of doing good lies at the very core of the brand. Their ‘buy one, give one’ initiative donates a pair of corrective glasses to someone in need for every pair you buy. Partnering with Eyejusters for this, these adjustable corrective glasses are distributed to several projects in Morocco, Uganda and Fiji.

Positive Luxury Brands That Care Social Good Karmoie

Photo Credit: Karmoie

Highland Partners

Luxury real estate company Highland Partners actively supports and improves local communities, encouraging all of its agents to get involved in at least one charitable cause. Meanwhile, the whole organisation comes together for its annual “Day of Giving” to give back to the community. They also support a range of local schools, community events and youth activities throughout the year. Be sure to keep an eye on their calendar if you’re in the Oakland area to find out how you can get involved.

Positive Luxury Social Good Highland Partners

Photo Credit: Highland Partners


Not content with just producing beautiful jewellery,  Vieri founder, Guya Merkle, has also created the Earthbeat Foundation. Dedicated to improving the gold industry, the Foundation raises awareness of ethically-mined gold and building sustainable production chains.  They also work closely with the miners to improve their working conditions and lives. From ensuring proper safety standards, to helping diversify income so that communities are not completely dependent on the mining industry, their work means that you can enjoy your Vieri jewellery with peace of mind.

Positive Luxury Brands That Care Social Good Vieri

Vieri’s Earthbeat Foundation. Photo credit: Vieri


Robe de Voyage

Robe de Voyage garments are made from the softest khadi cotton. A traditional Indian cloth, it is hand-spun and woven for unrivalled beauty and quality. Made by small teams in villages across India, the material is known as the “Fabric of Freedom” for its historical role in helping India sever its dependence on British cotton. Khadi weaving provides much needed work to rural communities today, particularly for women. Robe de Voyage works closely with these weavers, and the Government of India’s Ministry of Textiles, to source only the most beautiful fabrics for their luxurious robes and pyjamas.

Positive Luxury Brands That Care Social Good Robe de Voyage

Photo Credit: Robe de Voyage

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