Brands That Care: Wildlife and Animals

Wildlife conservation is an issue that is close to our hearts here at Positive Luxury. We’ll be highlighting this topic throughout our content this week – and to start off, here are a few of our favourite brands that are putting their efforts into preserving wildlife and creating sustainable habitats for animals across the world.


Pembe Club  


Yasmin Haji was inspired to start jewellery brand Pembe Club after learning of the growing reports of elephant poaching that was happening in her native country of Tanzania.

Wildlife itself inspires the pieces, replicating the shapes of tusks and teeth in precious metals in the hope that these designs may replace the real items being plundered from nature itself.

A percentage of sales from each purchase is donated to foundations such as WildAid and PAMS Foundation, who are working for the welfare, safety and survival of elephants.  



Aracari Travel Consulting


A pioneer in responsible travel, Aracari Travel Consulting supports the Plant Your Future initiative in Iquitos, Peru. The organisation works with Amazon communities to foster sustainable agricultural practices and plants trees to reverse damage that has seen the rainforest cut and burned to make space for farmland and livestock.

This initiative not only helps reduces carbon emissions caused by deforestation, but provides much needed habitats that will enable indigenous wildlife to thrive.





You may recognise the crocodile as the emblem of Lacoste, but did you know that the fashion brand also invests in biodiversity to prevent this animal from disappearing?

The brand supports various projects that are involved in the preservation of crocodiles, alligators, caimans and gharials, along with the ecosystems in which they live. These animals are very sensitive to their environments, so it is of upmost importance to preserve their habitats to ensure the sustainability of their species.

One such project supported by Lacoste is a three-year partnership with the Everglades Foundation in Florida that measures water quality in the area by studying the migration pattern of crocodiles and alligators.


Virginia Stone


Virginia Stone embeds her passion for nature and sustainability into the skincare brand that shares her name. Each product incorporates her green philosophy to create an entirely natural and vegan formula that is not tested on animals.

To further this mission, Virgina Stone partners with The Tikki Hywood Trust, an organisation that strives to protect endangered wildlife through a rescue-rehabilitate-release-research approach to safeguarding the survival of at-risk species for future generations.



Wilderness Safaris


Wilderness Safaris not only showcases the wildlife of Africa, but helps to conserve the continent’s spectacular biodiversity and share the benefit of its ecotourism with rural people.

The organisation runs various projects to protect the areas in which it operates and the creates that live there. Its conservation footprint covers three million hectares across nine African biomes, including 800 bird species and 280 mammals.


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