Brands That Care: 4 Businesses That Are Keeping It In The Family

From mother and daughter duos to hundreds of years of ancestry, these 5 companies are driven by Founders that are more than just business partners. Here, we look at the brands that keeping it in the family and centering their ethos around heritage.  


Since 1843, six generations of the Krug family have perpetuated this dream, enriching the founder’s vision and savoir faire. The original Founder Joseph Krug set out with a clear idea of how champagne should be – but how were his ideas modernized by the generations to follow? We love the story of how as generations passed, Joseph’s original vision continued to be passed on, cherished and enhanced.  But in the 1970s, rosé champagnes were enjoying increasing popularity. Fifth generation brothers, Henri and Rémi Krug, decided to try an experiment: they worked on developing a rosé in authentic Krug style, inspired by Pinot Noir grapes. Finally, in 1983, Henri and Rémi Krug blind-tested the bouquet of this mystery drop on their father, Paul. Their father immediately showed concern: “We’re in trouble – somebody in Champagne is copying Krug!” Quickly reassured that this was indeed a Krug, the brothers then went on to craft a Krug rosé with resounding success.


The founders of Artha, mother and daughter duo Catherine and Claire Grigioni, create partnerships with carefully selected artisans with the most unique skills from pockets around the world. It was in fact their travels as a family that sparked an idea for the business: “Often travelling together to beautiful countries around the world, we developed an appreciation for the beauty of hand made pieces and the cultures and stories that accompanied them. With this came the realisation that artisan communities required more support to be able to continue earning living wages through their traditional know-how.  It was when we travelled together to a rural village in India back in early 2012 to meet with a small artisan community, that we began to realise the benefits access to a global marketplace and regular orders could bring them.”


CEO and Founder Rachel Bates brought sister Katie on board as Operations Director at her eponymous interiors brand. A curated edit of luxurious and responsible homewares, Katie said this of working at Rachel Bates Interiors: “To work with such wonderful world renowned brands, designers and artisans at Rachel Bates Interiors including Rachel herself of course truly is a dream come true from a personal and professional prospective.”


During the early 60’s Alessandra and her Scottish husband Donald focused their working life on the Scotch whisky industry – but it was Alessandra’s passion for nature-inspired designs that led to more frequent travels to Scotland. Here, she found skilled workers that could bring her designs to life – in the form of unique, ultra-soft knitwear. After her son established the mill that put the cogs in motion, their styles were soon shipped around the world and considered unique pieces of art by both American and Japanese customers, which led to bespoke garments. Now under the management of Alessandra’s niece, the designs see history-rich techniques updated with modern hues.

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