Productivity Meets Mindfulness: An Interview with Calum Best

Calum Best

We’re strong believers in fashion as a force for good. We also believe in wearing your heart on your sleeve; that’s why we partnered with fashion brand Peoples Of All Nations (POAN) to produce a limited-edition hoodie to raise funds for Grassroot Soccer, a life-changing youth health awareness charity. One of the project’s celebrity supporters is model and businessman, Calum Best, with whom Positive Luxury sat down to discuss his exciting new venture and why the project is so important to him.

The significance of #NoHoodiNoYoni

Calum Best is no stranger to making life changes through positive action. In his own words, Calum’s philosophy is all about “showing up, being mindful, working hard and outdoing your best.” Giving back is something Best has embraced wholeheartedly in recent years – and #NoHoodiNoYoni was an ideal project to channel his positivity towards.

Launched on World Aids Day 2017, all proceeds from the hoodies go to Grassroot Soccer. To date, the non-profit has educated over two million girls and boys in developing countries about living a healthy life free from disease and violence – all through the medium of soccer.

Made of sustainable parachute material, POAN black hoodies are available in a loose men’s fit or a more tailored women’s cut. But whichever you choose, both come emblazoned with the message ‘no hoodi, no yoni’ – no glove, no love. It’s about raising awareness of safer sex and making it cool to be careful. The emphasis is on changing the narrative – something Calum Best has successfully managed to do in his own life. 

A change of direction

Best’s career has spanned early days as a model lensed by the likes of Mario Testino and Terry Richardson, to party days in his twenties, to today – becoming an entrepreneur at the helm of businesses focusing on making the most of your mind, body, and life. 

Calum Best


Best recently founded BestMe Life – a luxury, vegan journal designed to help increase your energy, focus and wellbeing and chart progression as it happens from day to day.

He’s the first to admit that being mindful and working to your best capacity isn’t easy. And so Calum’s journals which combine the two things most of us need to create this positive, disciplined outlook: they’re a place where “productivity meets mindfulness,” he says.

The journals are a potent mix of space to plan out your goals – the productivity element – and to reflect on how far you’ve come and what went right each day – mindfulness.

Why mindfulness is key

Calum has used the BestMe daily formula to help better himself over the past six years, knowing that drastic change was needed following years of imbalance and ‘going with the flow’. Part of this change was a journal through which he could simply write down his goals. He then took small steps daily towards achieving them, as they had a dedicated focus.

Each day, he remained thankful for where he was, gave back to those who helped him get there, appreciated small victories, and stayed positive about the future through planning.

Best says, “Every year we set goals for what we want to accomplish. How often, if you’re honest with yourself do you actually accomplish those goals? Far too often the busyness of life leaves us distracted and we end up anxious, reflecting on what you could have been. We’re wanting to improve the daily productivity and mindfulness of our users throughout 2018 and beyond with the BestMe Life Journal.”

best me life


Focusing on goals

While the products come in a host of vegan leather finishes designed for men and women, one of Calum’s favourite products is the BestMe Buddy Journal, which allows children to get a grip on the life-enhancing benefits of adding a little mindfulness and goal-setting to your day.

The ultimate goal of journaling, Best says, is to create self-driven change. “Every person who has gone from a place of being rock bottom, to absolutely killing it, all have one thing in common: repetitive, consistent and disciplined action every day with a positive frame of mind.” Sounds to us like another opportunity to make a positive change in the world.


For more information about Calum Best’s latest venture, visit BestMe Life. If you enjoyed reading this, you might also like Positive Luxury’s interviews with singer Anastacia and Trinny Woodall.

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