Fashionable Influence: In Conversation with Tatyana Lafotka

Hailing from Estonia and based in Glasgow, Tatyana Bugayeva has quickly risen to fame in the style stakes. Blogging at LA FOTKA since 2013, she covers all things fashion, travel and health that has seen her creative corner turn into a global success. We caught up with the Instagram star to see what inspires her creativity and what a positive lifestyle means to her. 


Tell us a little about yourself…
I’m Tatyana, originally from Estonia but currently living in Glasgow with my daughter, partner, and our new addition Cooper the German Shepherd puppy. I blog at about fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel a few times a week. It’s my creative little outlet that has become a full-time business I’m really proud of.


Credit: @LaFotka


What inspired you to start blogging? What inspires you on a daily basis?
I’ve always been into fashion and have always been creative, so starting my own blog combining the two was only natural. I used to make clothes from old fabrics as a kid and have always been known “as the bravest” when it came to fashion in my childhood. There’s just something about wearing gorgeous pieces and expressing yourself through them that I always found exhilarating.


I love reading other blogs or looking at beautiful photography that’s inspiring, but nothing beats Nature. Every weekend we get out of the city to enjoy our beautiful Scottish landscapes of hills, mountains, lochs, trees – it all inspires me. Now that we have a dog I get to go outside even more often daily and that can be a nice energy boost sometimes, especially when it doesn’t rain.


Credit: @LaFotka


You’re known for having a glamorous yet wearable look. How would you describe your personal style?

I’ve never really liked anything too girly or tight-fitting, but believe that by adding a pair of heels or a statement bag to a casual looks makes all the difference. I mainly wear block heels now because they’re more comfortable and hardly wear skinny jeans since these are now swapped for kick-flare or vintage straight-leg shape. Years of trial and error until I found what works for me. I’d say my style is street, casual but with a bit of an edge if that makes sense.


What are the go-to pieces you think every woman should have in her capsule wardrobe?
A pair of black jeans that you know will work on any day, even a bad day. The jeans can either be dressed down or dressed up, but it needs to be a pair that you love. Again, many pairs later I’ve found my perfect go-to jeans and they’re vintage believe it or not. And of course a great handbag. The one bag that will go with absolutely all the looks and if you’re lucky, you might find a few hidden sweets in there just when you need them most.


Credit: @LaFotka


Why do you think it’s important to live a positive, sustainable lifestyle?
Working in an industry that is so fast-paced with fast fashion and everything, it’s really important to be mindful about the choices that I make. Things like recycling my clothes and giving them away to friends or charity has made me enjoy my work even more. Investing in more expensive, yet sustainable pieces that I’ll have for life is a game-changer. I know I’ll love them more and the environment will love me back. Supporting independent designers whose fabrics and materials are carefully sourced and pieces ethically produced makes fashion that extra bit special for us all.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Stop caring about other people’s thoughts and opinions about you.


Credit: @LaFotka


What are your three favourite Positive Luxury brands to trust?
Lilliput & Felix (makes me want to live on the beach)
Gabriela Hearst (Mira Duma wears the brand so well)
Sana Jardin (the scents take me to paradise!)

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