Daria Daria Q&A: Conscious Living and Sustainable Fashion

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Madeleine Daria writes about sustainable fashion and positive living on her blog Daria Daria. We spoke to her about her conscious lifestyle and what are the biggest challenges in choosing sustainable fashion.  


Image Credit: Maximilian Salzer/www.dariadaria.com

Image Credit: Maximilian Salzer/www.dariadaria.com

What do you do and why?

I blog about conscious lifestyle because I think our way of consuming has a massive impact on the planet.


What inspired you to start buying from ethical and sustainable brands?  

I started looking into the conditions of the textile industries and realised that most of my clothes were produced under very questionable circumstances.

I didn’t like the thought of wearing something every single day that might have been produced by children or underpaid women. Also, the ecological impact of the production was something that bothered me.

Image Credit: www.dariadaria.com

Image Credit: www.dariadaria.com


As you’ve gone on this journey have you noticed a change in the responses from your audience? 

Definitely! People have become more open to eco fashion, not labelling it as “nerdy” or “uncool” anymore.


What do you find is the biggest challenge when choosing sustainable/ethical fashion? 

I think a big challenge is to understand whether a brand and their claims are legit or not, because there is no way or having 100% proof. So much of it is built on trust and/or certificates, which can’t always be trusted.

I like sustainable fashion that doesn’t look like eco fashion and can compete with the mass market. I like to find items that people think are fast fashion and then they get really surprised when I tell them how awesome and responsible the brand is!


Image Credit: www.dariadaria.com

Image Credit: www.dariadaria.com


What small steps do you take each day to live a more sustainable and positive life? 

I have reduced my waste dramatically, not yet zero waste but low waste. I drive an electric scooter or use public transport. I follow a plant-based diet, reducing my carbon footprint, also by trying to buy mostly seasonal and local. I try not to buy too much online, but rather support local shops.


What is your favourite Positive Luxury brand? 

Weledait’s a German brand I’ve known for a long time and I only use organic cosmetics. 


What is the personal luxury you couldn’t live without?

The luxury that I couldn’t live without is going to the farmers market each Saturday and buying fresh, seasonal and local organic food. 

Image Credit: www.dariadaria.com

Image Credit: www.dariadaria.com


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