Decoded Fashion’s London Summit: Where Fashion and Technology Meet

Image of Decoded Fashion's London Summit

In the high tech world we live in today, fashion and retail continue to develop side by side with technological advances. The point at which these paths cross can lead to creative partnerships that revolutionise the industries they surround.

Decoded Fashion is a global event series connecting leaders in fashion and retail with the best new emerging technologies from both start-ups and established companies, exposing fashion to technology and technology to fashion.

Picture of Decoded Fashion's  London Summit

This year, their annual summit series will be coming to Kings Place, London on May 20-21, 2015 with the newest ideas in ecommerce, in-store, mobile, wearable’s and social media.

Amazon Fashion EU, John Lewis, Google, TOPSHOP and Harvey Nichols are just a few of the featured attendees where inspirational speakers, creative thinkers and the brains behind the best in disruptive technologies will be on hand to part with knowledge and expertise.

For start-ups and entrepreneurs, the Decoded Fashion mentorship hub is a key element of the London Summit. The hub gives attendees access to expert, world-class fashion, retail and technology mentors and the opportunity to build relationships with central figures from across the industry.

Image of Decoded Fashion's London Summit

Over 150 meetings will take place during the two day summit, offering start-ups, entrepreneurs and retail innovators the opportunity to sign up for a limited number of face-to-face meetings with various executives from across the fashion, retail and technology industry.

The 10-minute slots will provide honest feedback and candid advice to help move companies forward. For those offering the advice, it is a chance to find relevant new talent, new partners and ideas that could innovate their industry.

Image of Decoded fashion's London Summit

With summits being held in New York, London and Milan, Decoded Fashion is on a mission to expose the fashion community to new ideas, take the mystery out of technology and facilitate partnerships to drive fashion, retail and technology forward together all under the nose of top leaders and the world’s press.

To find out more about what the summit has to offer visit the Decoded Fashion website and to book your ticket, visit Decoded Fashion’s Eventbrite page

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