How To Find Your Dream Holiday Home

If you’re thinking of relocating or buying a property overseas, the idea can at first seem daunting. There’s where to pick, how to get the right property at the correct price and all the legalities that come with it. Here, we share a few simple tips and tricks – along with #brandtotrust LX Costa Rica agent Andres Riggioni who manage estates in South America – on how to go about doing it.


When you’ve considered which country or area you’d like to buy in, remember to consider basic things like nearby provisions, services and shops. Whether you’re living there most of the year or just a few weeks, you’ll want to bear in mind the neighbours too.

“Like any home, consider not just the property but also the community. You probably want access to particular kinds of shopping, restaurants, or to spend time with particular groups of people… the local organic growers, passionate surfers, a particular church.  Research the area and consider the vibe best suited for your vacation travel.”


If in a rural area, think about local footpaths and Internet access, whereas if you’re buying in an urban spot, you may want to priorities easy access to tourist spots or ocean views – which makes for more fruitful letting.

“Holiday homes can offer great investment return, if you want it.  Places like Costa Rica that are popular travel destinations offer great vacation rental returns.  So, if you’re not going to use the vacation home often, look for homes with established rental histories and property management for positive cash flow the rest of the year. “


It may sound obvious, but think about the sort of lifestyle you lead in your current home. Most think of a holiday house as making up for what your current one lacks, but think of it more as an extension of your usual lifestyle.

“Luxury vacation homes offer a wide variety of features to match your lifestyle.  Your second home or vacation home should match your preferred way to enjoy free time.  Is it a designer home with inspirational details everywhere you look?  Or an open home meant to blend your days with the outdoors?  Do you need a pool for cooling down and sunset drinks or is it more of a family affair?”


It’s always useful to have legal requirements in your mind when you’re thinking of buying a property. Holiday home insurance, fire and gas safety and business rates tax are all things to research before you purchase.

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