Brands that Care: Protecting the Planet

This week, in the run up to Earth Day on April 22nd we’re celebrating the people and brands that are working hard to protect our planet.

First up, here are a few of our favourite brands that make beautiful products while striving to have a positive impact on the environment too.


Belvedere Vodka

You may recognise Belvedere Vodka as one of the finest vodka brands – but did you know that an impressive commitment to sustainability is behind this luxury reputation?

In recent years, the brand has shifted its production processes to using natural gas, one of many initiatives that has achieved it a 40% reduction in its carbon emissions since 2012.

Each step of vodka production occurs on Polish soil and the company works closely with the local rye farmers to foster sustainable relationships and ensure the quality of the crops. An approach that imbues the signature character into every drop of Belvedere.




Swedish Stockings

The founders of Swedish Stockings were inspired to create more sustainable tights after discovering the vast amount of waste that is produced by this industry due to poor quality fabric and non-biodegradable textiles.

A leader in creating sustainably produced tights, Swedish Stockings uses recycled yarn in its collections, implementing solar energy and post-dyeing water treatments to further reduce its impact on the environment. Need we say — the tights are sexy and good-looking too! 



Protecting the environment is at the heart of Po-Zu’s mission to provide stylish and comfortable footwear that are kind on your feet and the planet.

Its designs combine innovative materials such as coconut husk and Pinatex, a vegan leather alternative made from discarded pineapple leaves. Pioneering glue-free constructions also allow footwear to be disassembled at the end of its life — one of the biggest sustainable challenges in the footwear industry.

Po-Zu also donates a minimum of 3% of its sales income to four environmental charities, including the Environmental Justice Foundation, that works between environmental security and human rights.






Hevea blends classic Danish design and a passion for the environment into its baby products. Hevea pacifiers, teethers and bath toys are made from 100% natural rubber – a biodegradable and sustainable material that is free from toxins and safe for your little ones. Goodbye unhealthy plastics!

To continue its journey towards sustainability, Hevea now also operates a take-back scheme to upcycle the material from its pacifiers once the product’s life has come to an end.

The brand has also recently launched a toy range for puppies – so your furry friends can enjoy some natural fun too!





Elvis & Kresse

Since 2005, Elvis & Kresse has rescued over 165 tonnes of materials that would have otherwise have gone to landfill, reinventing them into contemporary accessories and bags.

The brand began with reclaimed fire hose that could no longer be used by the London Fire Brigade and soon moved on to incorporating parachute silk, discarded leather and printing blankets into its designs.

Last year, they were proudly featured in the Circular Living Exhibition as part of the London Design Festival 2016. Read more about it here. 




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