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With rumours that uber cool model Ben Grimes is a fan, Frame are giving the classic ballet work out a modern update. With a choice of 3 different classes at both their Queens Park and Shoreditch branches, we spoke to Frame’s Rosy Clark to find out more about the most elegant workout there is.

Frame runs three different classes, Basic Barre, Ballet Barre and Frame BARRE.

Frame BARRE is a fusion of fitness and ballet. It brings together exercises from the gym floor and the dance floor to work your whole body, and give your heart, lungs and muscles a good workout. No experience is needed for this class, so anyone can come along! Basic Barre and Ballet Barre are more traditional ballet classes that cater for all levels, from beginners through to advanced. For complete newbies to ballet, the Basic class requires no experience whatsoever, and Frame recommend taking a few of these Basic Barre classes before moving onto the Ballet Barre class.

Based in both Shoreditch and Queen’s Park, if you want to go along to one of the classes, you can have a look at their timetables here:

Who Can Do It

Ballet may look complex and daunting, but anyone can come along to Frame! They cater for complete beginners as well as the more experienced, so don’t worry if you don’t know your arabesques from your plies, they will show you everything you need to know!

The Benefits

As with all dance classes at Frame you’ll get a great cardio workout, for your heart, lungs, and overall fitness. Physically, you’ll see fantastic results, as we all know ballet dancers have incredible figures! Expect long, lean, toned arms and legs, sculpted thighs and best of all, a pert bottom! It will also help trim your waist which will help enhance your curves, and will help to improve posture and alignment, creating a beautiful, feminine physique.

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  1. Frame Dance & Fitness Studio says:

    Awesome post guys! If anyone can’t wait to try Frame BARRE there’s still spaces tonight at 5.45pm in Shoreditch and & 7.30pm in Queens Park!

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