Five Top Environmental Issues Our Brands Hope To Change

Positive Luxury Environmental Issues Forevermark

It’s Positive Week, but respecting the environment and positive living is a year-round endeavour for us and our favourite brands. 

Companies need to increasingly choose responsible practices and long-term green actions if they want to win over today’s customers. Deloitte’s 2016 Millennials Survey found that more than half of the millennials they surveyed – 56% – don’t want to be associated with organisations whose values conflict with their own. 

Making a positive impact on the world we live in is one of our core values so we’re highlighting some of 2017’s biggest environmental issues, what Butterfly Mark-approved companies are doing to combat them, and the small but powerful steps we can take to do our part too.

Cutting down on waste

For decades we have consumed natural resources at a frightening rate – with the environment suffering the consequences. Forward-thinking companies are slowing the pace of consumption by making cutting waste a priority. Luxury resort Song Saa on the Kah Romng Islands in Cambodia employs marine biologists as part of its staff, runs recycling and waste initiatives, and takes part in sustainability projects in nearby villages.

Positive Luxury Environmental Issues Song Saa

Song Saa Resort Charity Program Koh Rong Cambodia

What we can do…

Buy only what you need, look for minimal packaging and, of course, recycle!

Building thriving ecosystems

Businesses which support and nurture the land they work on help build strong, thriving ecosystems. Ethical diamond brand Forevermark invests in the environment by ensuring that for every hectare of land used for mining by their parent company the De Beers Group, five hectares are dedicated to nature conservation.

Positive Luxury Environmental Issues Forevermark


What we can do…

Have some outside space? Try planting some pollinator bee-friendly plants like lavender and rosemary to help out the declining bee population. 

Sourcing responsibly

Natural materials make for luxurious, beautiful products, but those resources need protecting. Baby brand Hevea, famous for its all-natural rubber toys and pacifiers, shuns synthetic rubber made from petroleum. Instead, they help fight climate change by boosting the number of rubber trees being planted, and cutting back on the use of fossil fuels.

Positive Luxury Environmental Issues Hevea

Image Credit: Giorgia Mantica

What we can do…

Do your brand research before you shop. Look for brands who are transparent about their supply chains so you can buy with confidence.

Educating the next generation

Contributing to the education of children has a wealth of positive effects, including helping to create an environmentally aware, caring next generation. Watchmakers IWC Schaffhausen run an extensive range of children’s education programmes and create watches with proceeds which go to long-term environmental research.

Positive Luxury Environmental Issues IWC Aquatimer Chronograph Edition Galapagos Islands

What we an do…

Education doesn’t just take place in school. Work with your family to take steps to help the environment, such as turning the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth or starting to recycle your food waste. Getting children involved in these seemingly simple things can make a huge difference. 

Cutting down on C02

We live with the effects of global warming every day – from rising tides to changing weather patterns. By limiting the amount of carbon they produce, businesses can help mitigate these changes. For example, luxury drinks brand Belvedere has reduced its CO2 emissions by 42% since 2012 by changing its fuel source from oil to natural gas.

Positive Luxury Environmental Issues Belvedere

What we can do…

Try minimising your personal carbon footprint by using public transport or walking. A brisk power walk is good for both the environment and for your health!

If these brands have inspired you, why not check out some more of our brands to trust doing their part for the environment...

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