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An essential at fashion weeks, beloved of princesses and playwrights, sipped in coupe glasses allegedly molded from Marie-Antoinette’s left breast: champagne is as storied and as luxe a drink as they come.


The unique soil of Champagne in northern France has produced grapes used for holy wines and coronations since Roman times. But the moussy, straw-coloured drink as we know it was first produced in the region in the 1500s.


Sidi Bou Sa•d. Tunisie. 2008.

Photo credit: Denis Chapoullie


The creation of champagne takes thought and care – and time. Just three types of grape, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, can be used. In a process known as ‘assemblage’, wines are tested to create a blend perfectly suited to its year. Created under strict rules, what principally sets champagne apart from other wines is that it is fermented twice, the second time in the bottle, in a process which can take well over a decade.


Centuries-old grand family houses – Tattinger, Bollinger, Perrier-Jouët – still reign in the 320 villages which are allowed to produce the wine. Krug is no exception. Founded in 1843 by Joseph Krug, today the house has sixth-generation Olivier Krug as its director.


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Photo credit: Denis Chapoullie


Over the years, Krug has cultivated its values as carefully as it cultivates its vines. The journey of each bottle of Krug from grape to glass can be traced on your smartphone via a unique code etched into its label. From developing tools for grape growers to protect their backs, to creating reusable oak casks to ferment its wine, to carefully shipping recyclable bottles to a clientele of luxury hotels, bars and restaurants, the centuries-old brand has a thoroughly modern attitude.


Krug has been awarded the Butterfly Mark powered by Positive Luxury for its commitment to sustainability, respect for nature and care for its people. Says the House: “Krug’s long search for the best expression of each individual plot and its appreciation of the diversity of the Champagne region is direct result of over 170 years of unique craftsmanship. The Butterfly Mark recognizes Krug’s tradition of excellence in everything the company does.”




Ethical and delicious? We’ll raise a glass to that…






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