Top Wellbeing Trends for 2014

In 2013, many of us began to take personal wellbeing more seriously and started looking at their health in a more holistic way. The New Year brings us new ways of keeping the body, mind and soul in harmony.

Trends for 2014

1) More frequent and more affordable wellness

The biggest trend we saw in 2013 is that more people are taking responsibility for their future wellbeing and are realising that they have to participate in their health and wellbeing in order to help how they age over time. Because of this more people are open to dipping their toes in the waters of wellbeing and trying new things that make them feel good. Instead of jumping in at the deep end and going on, say a 12-night detox somewhere in Thailand, people are choosing to take more frequent shorter breaks to get an energising health kick.

There are many health benefits for taking even a short healthy break. Getting away can bring a much needed change of scene, fresh air, healthy food, relaxation, fitness, and often the luxury of a few nights’ decent sleep! It’s also a more affordable and accessible wellness option for a lot of people to take shorter boosters over a long escape somewhere far flung.

2) Connecting with like-minded people

We are social animals and connection with others is an integral part of wellbeing.  With the rising technology overload, the increase of single households and long hours at work, people, particularly in urban areas, are feeling more disconnected and sometimes lonely. When it comes to their travel they want the flexibility to be able to travel independently, in order to reconnect with themselves, but also the opportunity to come together with like minded people. They want parts of their wellness and spa holidays to include the chance to share experiences and interact with other people. 

3) Fitness goes outdoors and experiential

The sight of rows of people on treadmills in luxury hotels is quite depressing. There are so many ways to stay active and kick start fitness and also discover the local area. The idea is to get people to experience the often very beautiful scenery on their holiday whilst they get fit – often providing a welcome distraction from tired muscles! We predict taking fitness holidays in the Alps is going to be big for spring/summer 2014. With magnificent mountains, big blue lakes, sweet flower-filled meadows, it’s a joy to be out there in the open air. Plus the altitude is really effective for boosting workouts so you get more fit in less time! What’s not to like?

4) The Art of Ayurveda

We predict that India’s ancient health care system is going to be big news in the wellness world for 2014. Ayurveda offers a holistic approach to wellbeing so it looks at mind, body and soul. It believes that no problem in the body exists in isolation; everything you interact with, your diet, family, work and relationships all have an effect on your health and wellbeing. It’s also a highly personalised approach which is part of its appeal. To become an Ayurvedic doctor requires many years of training, more so than conventional western medicine – so you can be sure the practitioners really know their stuff. 

5) Mindful/ Conscious Living

2013 saw a definite surge of interest in the area of mindfulness, eco retreats, glamping and yoga retreats were all definite hits. With such a demand for more mindful experiences in 2014 we expect this to be a trend with real staying power.


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