Glamazon- The Amazon in Style

If you have read today’s papers then you will know that when Lesley Norris and Bruce Scott, from London, took on the Amazon they didn’t bargain on a call to Sussex becoming their lifeline out of a sticky situation.

Having sold their studio in West Kensington in favour of adventure, the couple have been travelling South America in a motor home for the past four and a half years, but it was on a bridge 200 miles south-west of Manaus that their sturdy Unimog finally met its match. When the bridge collapsed the couple and their 4-wheel-drive were plunged deep into a ravine, leaving Lesley and Brice with only a few bars of phone signal and their GPS coordinates. 

Calling a brother-in-law in Eastbourne with their location, he then called Dover Coastguard who in turn called Falmouth Coastguard, the international liason station, who organised a Brazilian coastguard to airlift the couple to safety. Despite the tag-team rescue and the trauma of being stranded, the couple are said to be in “fine form”.

The Amazon is famed for its ruggedness and sense of adventure but if you want to experience its tropical delights without the risk of ending up in a ravine you could always take the 5 star option…

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