Hardworking Trousers: A Style Edit for the Modern Woman

This week in our style guide, we’ve helped the working woman everywhere to select a few key pieces that are as hardworking as She.


Image Credit: Gabriela Hearst’s AW17 red power suit (left), Dai (right) power suit was made from technical fabrics, designed for the modern woman

She’s always on point. Whether she’s on her way to a work engagement, picking up the kids, or having a drink after work with the cute guy from tech, the ‘Woman of Now’ (WON) is both a ‘free spirit’ and a ‘career woman.’ This modern woman is always active and searching for inspiration, so she’s going to need trousers that fit with her lifestyle.

Our #brandtotrust Dai Womenswear has the perfect pair of “Power Move Trousers” to help keep up with the WON’s motivation. Be it for use at work, yoga or sports, these trousers are made from eco-friendly technical fabrics with a four-way stretch material that is breathable and wrinkle-free. On top of this, the ultra-flattering silhouette allows the woman to embrace her femininity while taking on traditionally stereotypical masculine challenges like leadership and entrepreneurship, in her stride.



The hardworking WON is our favourite Positive Luxury woman because she’s confident in her choices and stands by her principles. Passionate about the causes she believes in, she curates her lifestyle and shops for brands that also have a voice, such as VANA handbags, who commissions Woza Moya, (a community-based NGO) to assist people with HIV, and sponsors the education program at WEF (Wildlife Education Fund).

Her attitude and thinking is also reflected in her positive actions. The ‘WON’ is a leader, and an inspiration to her peers. She strives for success in her career, possesses the ‘awe’ factor and wears it well. Outside the working environment, she makes allowance for activities like exercise, nourishment, a great book…anything that re-energises her. (Might we add a little charm necklace from Luca Jouel that helps gets her through the day – “Energy flows where your attention goes..” ~Lao Tzu)

But most importantly, she does not forget that she is a woman of virtues, a woman of the world, and a woman of style.

Here are a few chosen ways by Positive Luxury to style the ‘Woman of Now’:


Trail Blazer in Midnight

Power Move Trousers in Midnight

Smart Small Optical Collection

Camilla Elphick
Zip Me Up Ankle Boots

Alexandra Soveral
Workaholic’s Blend Bath & Shower Oil

Luca Jouel
Ebon Bloem 18ct Yellow Gold Necklace

JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded
Octogone Ring

Farah Asmar
Navy Medium Sharon Tote

Argentum Apothecary
L’Etoile Infinie

Stivaleria Cavallin
Urban Decathlon in Jaguar

Mini Classic V

Gabriela Hearst
Vesta Wool-Blend Flared Pants

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