Home Inspiration:
Three Styles We Love

Whether you like a taste of tradition, calming naturals or a splash of contemporary colour, here are three styles we love to inspire your home and décor. 


Traditional with a Twist

Is your dream to live in a stately home? Do you love a home with history? Creating a look that’s traditional and inviting without being fusty or boring can be tricky, it’s all about striking a balance.

If you’re opting for traditional designs and products, then add a contemporary feel through colour and pattern. Rachel Bates does this with panache. Its colourful crystal collection and hand-painted porcelain represent the best of tradition and craftsmanship, yet have a playful spirit for homeware that is as lively as the parties you throw.  

Our top tip: Don’t be afraid to go for a maximalist look. It can be tempting to pair ornate items with plainer designs, but for a truly decadent feel it’s all about mixing up patterns, colours and designs. In this case, less is more does not apply!


Handcrafted Calm  

If you’re familiar with the Scandinavian concept of Hygge then this homeware style is for you. It’s all about feeling cosy, calm and comfortable.

To create this look, we recommend opting for neutral tones and natural materials that will bring the serenity of the natural world into your home. Homeware brand Artha is perfect for this style. It offers timeless designs that are made by artisans across the globe. Each piece represents a beauty only achievable by careful craftsmanship, such as delicate hand embroidery.

Our top tip: If neutral is your thing then mix textures and materials to add variety and depth to your home. Choosing different neutral shades and tone-on-tone patterns means it’s easier to mix different designs while maintaining that look of collected calm.  


Colourful Minimalism  

Block colour and geometrics have been key styles across homeware over the past few years. Influenced by the design savvy Scandinavians, this look is all about clean lines and pared-back shapes.

Despite its initially minimalistic feel, this style is not devoid of pattern and detail. Take inspiration from Hay who epitomise this look. Choose linear designs and simple shapes so you can mix a variety of colours while maintaining a contemporary and unfussy feel.

Our top tip: Mix old with new to add personality to your home. Bring character to your home by adding in vintage styles or inherited items that contrast playfully with modern shapes and colours.


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