How To Be The Perfect Dinner Host

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Each season brings its own calendar events, but the one constant is the notion of getting together. Cosy evenings in winter, awash with casseroles, stews and perhaps one bottle of red too many, then breezy, long summer nights al fresco. If the idea of hosting leaves you a touch flustered, we give you an essential guide to becoming the perfect party-giver, with a little help from our #brandstotrust.


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If you feel relaxed as the host, your guests will too. Dress in something comfortable – we love the S dress styles that have seamless, zip-free silhouettes – and prepare your setting the night before to avoid any disasters on the day. If its an impromptu occasion, don’t be afraid to ask for a few helping hands to make the event run smoothly. And, most importantly, have fun; enjoy a travel-free night, safe in the knowledge that as the evening ends, you are only moments away from tumbling into your own bed.



The most crucial part: the guest list. Invite too many and you run out of seats, too few and you may run out of conversation. Stick to the magic number 8, and be sure to invite those whose passions complement each other. A small amount of variance is welcome, however, and makes for interesting debate – we recommend steering clear of the ‘what do you do for work’ and encouraging more takes on ‘what makes you happy?’, or ‘what is your driving force?’. Then there’s always the ‘can you recommend something on Netflix?’ question, a fail-safe conversation starter in most circles.


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A good host crafts a great atmosphere. Set the vibe with lighting and music, such as Soveral candles to give your party the perfect glow and create an uplifting scent too. Curate a complementary Spotify playlist so the background ambience goes off without a hitch, leaving you with your guests instead of glued to a device. Perhaps work around a particular era, genre or just feel-good songs that might encourage some post-dinner dancing.



Keep it simple, tried and tested. Unless it’s a close group of friends who you’re willing to experiment on, opt for classic dishes paired with wines and spirits you know you can depend on. Our favourites? The Krug Grande Cuvee sets the tone, perfect for an appetiser of oysters or fish and To’ak chocolates make a finishing touch to remember.


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