In The News: The 2019 Sustainability Predictions Are In



CFDA Releases Diversity Report

By Cathaleen Chen January 7, 2019 05:27 NEW YORK, United States – The Council of Fashion Designers of America called out a pervasive lack of diversity in the industry’s upper echelons in a report released Monday, but stopped short of recommending for specific actions to rectify the problem.


Palm Oil Sourcing Should Be Disclosed to Consumers, Sustainability Study Recommends

Companies selling products which contain palm oil should publicly disclose the identities of their palm oil suppliers, so as to relieve consumers of the burden of making sustainable choices, a UK study says. Researchers say companies should not rely simply on purchasers’ own awareness of the need to make environmentally responsible decisions.


Plastic thank-you bags have a special history in Chinatown. It’s changing.

This article was created in partnership with the National Geographic Society. In every one of my Chinese relatives’ homes when I was growing up in New York, there was a special drawer, cabinet, or sliver of closet dedicated to storing a precious commodity: the plastic bag.


The Year Ahead: End of Ownership

This article appeared first in The State of Fashion 2019, an in-depth report on the global fashion industry, co-published by BoF and McKinsey & Company. To learn more and download a copy of the report, click here. LONDON, United Kingdom – The lifespan of fashion products is being stretched as pre-owned, refurbished, repaired and rental business models continue to evolve.


What The Denim Industry Needs To Support A Sustainable Supply Chain

Denim is one of the most popular types of clothing around the world-the go-to garment for a variety of work and social situations. Unfortunately, the mass appeal of denim has turned into a problem for our environment and for the people who produce it.



The Best European Ski Spas To Escape To

With luxury spas and treatments aplenty, you’ll be sloping off and booking yourself in for a pre and après ski treatment


Diamond Jewelry Turns Up The Glamour At The 2019 Golden Globes

On Friday, January 4th, two days before the 2019 Golden Globes, we posed the question: would we see the same jewelry trends that sparkled at the 2018 Globes? We did see similar directions. However there were a few differences. Statement necklaces seemed to take over the spotlight and after a long run earrings took second place.


This go-to-sleep kit will be your hibernation aid

The brighter side of the clocks going back is extra time in bed. The downside of this discombobulating change in time is a body clock that’s all out of sync. To acclimatise to this sudden plunge into winter, we must adjust accordingly – with brighter mornings and a general feeling of complete exhaustion taking over as each evening approaches.


How YSL Beauty plans to conquer the luxury makeup market – Glossy

Despite a crowded beauty market L’Oreal Group-owned YSL Beauty has managed to carve out space for itself over the past four years. Since 2014, the brand has managed to earn double-digit growth every year, with sales up 17 percent year-over-year at the end of October.

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