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Environmental profit and loss accounting: a tool for sustainable luxury

Marie-Claire Daveu, chief sustainability officer at French group Kering, explains how it puts a monetary value on the environmental impacts of its processes and those of it suppliers, and works with them to reduce harm to the environment


World Bank to launch first sustainable water bond

First in a new series of Sustainable Development Goal bonds issued by the World Bank will aim to fund projects that promote clean water and healthy oceans The first in a series of World Bank bonds to promote sustainable water use and ocean protection has been priced at SEK1bn ($77m), the World Bank announced late last week.


Live Event Debrief: What The End of Ownership Means for Fashion

LONDON, United Kingdom – From Uber to Spotify to Netflix, on-demand services are enabling people to move away from owning things to renting them. While the fashion industry has been slower than others at embracing this trend, consumer attitudes are shifting rapidly.


Stella McCartney’s Sustainable New Sneaker, as Seen by The Earth Issue

Disbanding the idea that eco-friendliness means hemp trousers, matted beards and (God forbid) poi once and for all is The Earth Issue , a collective of artists and creatives that align art and environmentalism through exhibitions, talks, collaborative projects and publications (printed on 100-per-cent recycled paper with soy-based and vegetable inks, of course).


How can digital technology improve supply chain sustainability?

Three important shifts are underway to improve supply chain management, says Rainforest Alliance’s Daan de Vries Businesses are undergoing a digital revolution. The exponential growth of technology such as mobile payment systems, machine learning, satellite imagery and other innovations is transforming systems and…



Introducing Your Make-Up Colour Palette For Autumn 2018

Yes it’s a shame to wave goodbye to summer, but with autumn comes a brand new make-up colour palette – and for 2018 it’s a good one


Three Brands Taking Customization Beyond Personalization To Treat Yourself With

Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin In a time where social media has afforded each of us the ability to promote our individuality-and even make a living off it-pushes for inclusivity and celebration of each of our differences have led brands to find success doing the same.


Ella Eyre: On The Celebrity That Stole Her Sunglasses And Taming Curls

We’re back with another Beauty Bytes and this time I grilled Ella Eyre about what food she likes to eat when she thinks ‘fuck the calories’, which hair products she uses to make sure those beautiful curls are on point and which celeb stole her sunglasses and left her completely speechless.


Douglas Booth | The Style Council

Read Douglas Booth’s advice on restaurants, bars, men’s fashion and more at The Style Council.

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