In The News: WWD on Louis Vuitton’s Butterfly Mark Award


Louis Vuitton Wins Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Trust Mark

ABOUT TIME: Louis Vuitton has been polishing its sustainability credentials for years, although it’s largely kept quiet about its accomplishments. That changed this week when Positive Luxury, the London-based organization that vets and promotes the most sustainable luxury lifestyle businesses, awarded the French brand its Butterfly Mark.


Burberry launches a new educational charity initiative

The Burberry Foundation, an independent charity launched by the brand, has announced a new educational initiative for schools in Yorkshire. In partnership with King’s College London, the four-year initiative aims to measure the impact that an arts and creative education can have on young students’ lives.


What Does Michael Kors’s Power Move Mean For Versace – And Fashion?

the epitome of Italian glamour founded by a dynasty so famous its reputation precedes it. Michael Kors: an American brand also afforded household-name status, largely through the ubiquity of its affordably-priced handbags. At first glance, they appear to have little in common.


How Biotechnology Is Reshaping Fashion

NUTLEY, United States – Inside a cluttered laboratory on a sprawling corporate campus in the New York suburbs, Modern Meadow is attempting a feat of modern alchemy: turning a vat of liquid the colour and consistency of chicken soup into luxury-grade leather.


Why sustainable businesses should consider plant-based workplaces

Adapted from “The Plant-Based Workplace: Add Profits, Engage Employees and Save the Planet” (Gigi Carter, 2018) by Gigi Carter. All rights reserved. Nowadays many businesses view their environmental and sustainability efforts from a reputational point of view; being perceived by customers and the broader public as socially and environmentally responsible is the right thing to do.



World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Train Launches In Germany

The zero-emissions train can travel up to 600 miles on a single tank of oxygen.


Jonathan Anderson gives an exhibition of his craft at Loewe

Paris show continues to explore links between modern art and 21st-century fashion


House of Garrard expands presence in China – Professional Jeweller

The British jewellery brands second boutique in China is based in the landmark Emperor Group Centre skyscraper on Chang’An Street, a prestigious location in the city’s most exclusive shopping centre and at the heart of the country’s political and cultural life.


Celebrities show that diamonds are a man’s best friend too

Celebrities Kris Wu , Johnny Depp, David Beckham and Justin Timberlake show that diamonds are men’s best friends too

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