In The News: Luxury Sector Unites To Create Roadmap For Sustainability



Luxury sector unites to create roadmap for sustainability

Major luxury firms such as Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and Chanel have developed a sustainable roadmap to help the sector address the challenges posed by climate change, biodiversity loss and rising economic inequality. The Disrupting Luxury report was launched late last week by fifteen luxury companies including Kering, Harvey Nichols and Swarovski.


Stéphanie Watine Arnault On Why The Experience Economy Is The Way Forward

As a member of the Arnault family, whom Forbes placed fourth in its 2018 World’s Billionaires List, you’d expect Stéphanie Watine Arnault to feel the pressure for her one-year-old business, Clos19, to perform. “I think we all inspire each other, in our own individual ways,” she tells Vogue.


Mislabelled fake fur could lead to total ban

Ministers should consider an all-out ban on fur because consumers have been tricked into buying animal fur labelled as fake, a cross-party group of MPs says today. A report from the environment select committee calls for the government to launch a public consultation on banning all types of animal fur in clothing and upholstery, and criticised trading standards officers for a “complacent” approach to enforcing the law.


Are Influencer Brands the Key to Bringing Millennials to Department Stores?

A question that I, and probably a lot of people working in fashion, get asked a lot is some version of: “How long is this whole influencer thing going to last?” or, “Are these people still going to be posting selfies when they’re 45?” “What happens when Instagram goes away or changes its algorithm?”


Testing the AI that Combats Luxury Fakes

Luxury handbags may exude the confidence of wealth, but take them with a grain of fancy salt – the counterfeit business is booming. Around 2.5 percent of global imports to the US are counterfeit or pirated goods. This amounts to about half a trillion dollars’ worth of merchandise, and these ill-gotten gains fund organized crime.



With Baume By Baume & Mercier, A New Kind Of Company Is Born

Baume is disrupting the traditional business model by taking a new approach to company management. Richemont Group recently launched its new brand, an ambitious start-up aimed at reconnecting products with nature. The affordable, genderless line of watches has been making headlines for its decision to use recycled and sustainable materials, but the merchandise isn’t the only thing that distinguishes Baume from other players in the luxury league.



10 Different Sustainable Summer Outfits For All Personalities – Eluxe Magazine

By Katy Caric When I’m not scoping out the best sustainable brands and writing for Eluxe, I focus on sustainable styling over at my personal blog Sustainable Outfits . I find ethically made clothing created from the best eco-friendly and natural materials and put them into looks that everyone will want to wear.


Weleda first European beauty brand to gain UEBT certification –

Weleda first European beauty brand to gain UEBT certification Weleda is the first beauty brand in Europe to obtain the new Union for Ethical Bio Trade (UEBT) certification for sourcing with respect. UEBT certification is designed so consumers know they are buying products from a company that treats people and biodiversity with respect.


The 60-second watch brand guide: IWC

Founded: 1868 CEO: Christoph Grainger-Herr Ownership: Part of the publicly traded Swiss holding company Richemont SA, better known as the Richemont Group A brief history: Founded by American watchmaker and engineer F.A. Jones, IWC was conceived to meld skilled Swiss labour with modern technologies to produce high-quality movements and watch components for the American market.


The 10 best vodkas for spirit lovers including Grey Goose, Absolut, Black Cow

If you’ve been looking for your next favourite vodka, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together the ultimate list of our favourite Vodkas, so no matter your tastes or budget you’re sure to find one you love.

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