Independence Day: The US Brands Making A Difference

To mark the Fourth of July holiday, here are the American-based designers that are crafting positive fashion, that you can shop directly here… 


Born in Uruguay, Gabriela Perezutti Hearst grew up on her family’s ranch surrounded by horses and cattle. Gabriela attended the British School in Montevideo and earned her undergraduate degree in Communications at the O.R.T. University of Uruguay. After more than a decade spent in design in New York, Gabriela honoured her family’s heritage through the launch of her eponymous label in Fall 2015, as well as taking over the operations of her father’s ranch in Uruguay. Gabriela wanted to create a brand that reflects a slower pace and process: where things are made with care and detail, where tradition is more important than trend, where there is a purpose to every piece. Wool has always been an integral part of her life and knitwear is the cornerstone of the brand – for her Fall 2016 collection, Gabriela partnered with a women’s nonprofit, Manos del Uruguay, where the tweed pieces are handmade by local craftswomen with merino from Gabriela’s farm.



Founder Joanna Dai’s eight year finance career in New York and London instilled a style of polished attitude and smart sensibility, but the California ease from her upbringing remained unshaken. Yet, when it came to workwear shopping, she felt increasingly discouraged by the market where effortless style, function, quality and value rarely coexisted. DAI was born out of a love for style and a need for function, a call for quality and an understanding of value. DAI is fast-moving and forward-thinking for the woman who wants to be empowered by ease and authenticity. DAI upholds the highest levels of integrity when it comes to environmental and social standards. From raw materials to final products, they strive to make smart and purposeful decisions every step of the way. DAI is passionate about who makes their clothes from start to finish and believe in delivering premium quality and craftsmanship, at fair prices. DAI is a community that empowers women beyond just performance workwear, and through social impact. DAI is committed to donating a portion of net proceeds to organisations and initiatives that empower women.


The creative force behind the J. Cavallo brand, Jeannine Cavallo draws inspiration from her life, her environment and her vision to design modern, mindful, luxurious couture collections that meld beauty with sustainability, craftsmanship with conscience. Drawing upon her childhood as a daughter and granddaughter of seamstresses and her passion for design, Jeannine seeks out artisans from around the world to bring global perspective and impeccable craftsmanship to J. Cavallo. Ever mindful about the impact of her designs, she emphasises the importance of responsible and sustainable materials sourcing while promoting the economic self-sufficiency and entrepreneurial aspirations of her artisans and collaborators, from Paris to the Congo, Kenya to Mongolia.

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