International Bath Day: How To Unwind Mindfully

Legend has it that on June 14th Greek mathematician, scientist and scholar, Archimedes, discovered while taking a bath that an object’s volume could be accurately measured by being submerged in water. Unable to contain his excitement over this discovery, Archimedes leapt out of the bathtub and yelling “Eureka, Eureka!” as he ran through the streets of Syracuse, Greece. Since the exact date of Archimedes’ birth was unknown, the day chosen to commemorate this is June 14th – International Bath Day. 

Here are our favourite bath-time products, that keep the planet and its people in mind – for a truly relaxing pamper routine. 


Pre-empt relaxation and snuggle up in Bodas pyjamas – each set uses the highest-quality cotton and are made in limited runs to reduce waste.



No bath time is complete without candles, for a truly indulgent evening. Opt for clean-burning ones, such as Alexandra Soveral or Rachel Bates, Exclusively created for Rachel Bates by London-based perfumery, Ormonde Jayne, this spellbinding candle uses the finest oils. Its fragrance? Time-honoured notes of jasmine, rose with a dash of orange blossom, bergamot and summer berries.


Use these oils and bubble baths for a deeply nourishing soak. Our favourite? Lola’s Apothecary‘s bath blend, hand-crafted in Devon and with a grounding blend of lavender to help you sleep afterwards. The pure essential oils are carried in a nourishing base of sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, beta-carotene and vitamin E. You only need a few drops for a full bath; it is also fabulous as a shower oil.


Did you know that having a bath before bed can regulate your body temperature so you fall asleep faster? Wrap yourself in a cosy robe while you take off the day’s face, nourishing your skin before sleep. And relax – tomorrow is a new day.



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