Diversity in Motion: An Interview with Lilliput & Felix

Lilliput & Felix celebrates beauty and diversity through its swimwear designs, made from reclaimed textile materials cut in flattering silhouettes that fit every size and shape. Positive Luxury caught up with Founder and Creative Director, Catriona Ramsay, to discover more about the brand and how its ethos is changing the game.

Credit: Chris Baker (Twenty6 Magazine)


What inspired you to start Lilliput & Felix? Where does the inspiration for your designs come from?

I didn’t have a fashion background, but was always passionate about design and was completely obsessed with bikinis and swimming. Since childhood, I’ve customised my own clothes to make them fit better or suit my personality more – from school uniforms to ball gowns, and coats to swimsuits.

I’d had a taste of running my own business prior to launching Lilliput & Felix, and saw a gap in the market for well-made, multi-tie swimwear pieces that stood the test of time and allowed you to express yourself through fit and finish. Sustainability was hugely important to me from the get-go and Lilliput & Felix garments used reclaimed fabrics, recycled fishing net fibres and production cut-offs; every step of the supply chain was transparent and championed equality, independence and waste-reduction. It was important to me to build a sustainable brand but I didn’t position the brand around this or shout about it to begin with. It was and is just part and parcel of who – and whatLilliput & Felix stands for.

I felt that swimwear, at the time, was either highly practical and sporty or highly impractical and itsy bitsy; there were exceptions but they often felt inaccessible. I wanted to create a brand that allowed women to look forward to donning their Lilliput & Felix costume and ‘dressing up’ for the beach, the sea, the sun, the boats, and the summer, by combining fashion and function.



How does Lilliput & Felix have a positive impact on people and the planet?

We support textile reclamation by using recycled and left-over fabrics and trims. If we have more than we need at the end of a production run, we make sure to use these up in smaller productions or give them to charities or schools that need them for project work or their own production.

Our packaging and marketing materials are either re-usable or recyclable. We work with local suppliers who are also committed to sustainable goals and who pay their workers a living wage, provide equal opportunities, and a safe and happy workplace.


Lilliput & Felix champions beauty and diversity in all its forms. Why is this so important to the brand identity? How does it shape the collections you create?

I feel that fashion is a powerful form of self-expression and this should never be truer than when you are your most free and escaping into the headiness of summer. It should be when you feel most you.

Lilliput & Felix is about celebrating individuality and personality and capturing that essence of distinctiveness. Each piece is designed to allow for self-expression and encourage confidence. It is either crafted for a particular shape or figure or made to be ‘multi-option’ – so you can customise the fit or the look of the garment and make it truly yours.



What are your favourite three pieces from the latest collection?

I am an avid Artemis Dress wearer. I love that I can team it with trainers in the city, heels in the evening and barefoot on the beach. I even wear it with a t-shirt in colder climes!

For the beach, I wear the Barre Bikini in Blue Gingham; I find it great for tan-lines and the removable shoulder straps give good support. The bespoke textured seersucker fabric is also very forgiving. 

I love to swim and for laps I opt for the Leotard Swimsuit. The fabric is fast drying, the shape is streamlined, holds you in place and is comfortable, and I like that the low back adds an element of cheekiness. Demure at the front, daring at the back!


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Slow down, enjoy the present, and focus on what’s important.


Discover Lilliput & Felix:

‘Artemis’ Swim Dress in ‘Orange Rainbow Gingham’


‘Barre’ Bikini Top in ‘Blue Gingham’


‘Barre’ Ladder Bikini Briefs in ‘Blue Gingham’


‘Lilium’ Swimsuit in ‘Midnight’


‘Leotard’ Swimsuit in ‘Mango’


‘Calypso’ Skirt in ‘Blue Gingham’


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