Key of Aurora Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Break Down Barriers

Ethical consumer website, Key of Aurora (KOA), has begun a journey to break down the barriers between retailers and customers in a bid to change the way we see products and the twist is that they want you along for the ride.

Wanting the world to see the whole picture and not just the final result, KOA’s ‘Breaking Barriers. Curating Passion’ project is about discovering a different way to see brands through transparency and visibility making people more aware about what’s behind each product in terms of sourcing and craftsmanship.


The key to the project is portraying the human involvement behind the creation of products through short documentary films made by three real people picked by KOA customers. The idea being to create a true, down to earth perspective of a brand not seen before.

By putting a face to a name and looking under the skin of small, committed, ethical brands the aim is to achieve a real customer’s perspective with a ‘road to discovery’ story to tell.


With an ethos that ‘behind every brand there are real people like you and us’, KOA hopes to make more people conscious about all the work that goes in to the creation of products and the importance of it, because the materials used, as well as the conditions of the people doing the job, are important to create a better retail environment.

Once successfully funded, three ‘reporters’ will be sent to a destination on a two day brand discovery to record, photograph and video details of their travels, visits, conversations and experiences with those ethical brands interested in being discovered.

Anyone with photography and video production skills can volunteer to be a KOA special roving reporter in an open competition to be held in July.


With a belief that as small brands and young designers lose out to bigger companies, a little help up the ladder will empower them while rediscovering crafts and skills lost in today’s digital world.

Funding for the project will be raised through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that will go live from May 7th to June 7th with direct donations also being accepted to KOA’s bank account. Monies raised will pay for the reporters travel and accommodation.

To get behind the project, visit KOA’s Indiegogo’s page

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