Let’s airbrush out Photoshop

If not even Kate Moss and Gisele can look like their pictures without airbrushing, then what hope is there for the rest of us?

The fashion and beauty world is notorious for its blatant use of airbrushing to make fuller figures skinner, black skin lighter, white skin tanned, mature faces more youthful – and the list goes on. It was almost a decade ago that leading men’s magazine GQ sported a cover with a very obviously airbrushed Kate Winslet, causing a stir amongst her fans. The actress, considered by many a role model for fuller figured women, had approved the initial photos but was not consulted about the touching-up of the final cover shot.

Fast forward to February 2012: Rachel Weisz’s advert for L’Oreal wrinkle cream is banned due to a complaint by Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson. The ad, deemed to portray an unrealistic expectation for consumers, was pulled by industry watchdog Advertising Standards Authority. The photo shows Weisz, a 41-year old, with flawless, wrinkle-free skin. In the 9 years since Kate Winslet’s GQ cover, is this how far the industry has come?  Or, in truth, hasn’t come?

A survey conducted for the Succeed Foundation found 30% of those surveyed would trade in a year of their life to achieve their ideal body weight. The survey, of 320 British women studying at over 20 universities in the UK, also suggests most young women are unhappy about their appearance, with 93% of respondents admitting they had had negative thoughts about their body in the week before the survey. Tie this statistic in with the overexposure of airbrushed advertisements falsely promising better skin, less fat and buckets more beauty, and you have yourself a recipe for body image issues. 

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3 responses to “Let’s airbrush out Photoshop”

  1. Danellajade says:

    Very true! lets at least set some regulations!

  2. Pedrobonela says:

    It’s disgusting what we are made to think is ‘normal’!

  3. The DEV says:

    Thanks for bringing up this issue. Very interesting.

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