Made in Britain: Behind The Story of Taylor Yates

Brand to trust Taylor Yates thoughtfully designs beautiful leather bags that are proudly made in the United Kingdom using innovative technology and sustainable leathers. Positive Luxury caught up with its founder, Karen Yates, to discover a little more about the company and its mission to fly the flag for British manufacturing. 



What inspired you to start Taylor Yates? Where does the inspiration for your designs come from?

I have a background in textiles and manufacturing and wanted to create a business where the purpose was to give back. My daughter had started to carry her first proper handbag, and I realised that for a girl, her first handbag is a rite of passage. It also struck me how lucky we are to have the freedom to choose what we do, where we go, who we want to talk to.

Taylor Yates was created to help empower women around the world and give them the luxury of the freedom of choice. We now support Women for Women International and are supporting our first woman through a year-long program to improve her life.

Our design inspiration is taken from all the products we love, and we only use the very best materials. We created a collection that was understated, contemporary and stylish; a Taylor Yates bag will grow even softer with age, displaying style and quality without shouting it.  



Taylor Yates is proudly Made in Britain. Can you tell us why that’s important for your positive impact on people and the planet?

We are a British brand at heart. Authenticity, sustainability, transparency and quality are all key to the brand – and we didn’t believe that this could be delivered anywhere else other than Britain.

Our leather is a byproduct of the food manufacturing industry; our baseboards are made from leather cut-offs; our lining is crafted in eco-friendly Italian Alcantara, and our packaging comes from sustainable sources. 


Mavis Drawstring Black


Mary Tote Cloud


Alice Hobo Cloud



Your pieces are named after great women. Can you tell us a bit more about the idea behind this decision? 

Through the journey of creating Taylor Yates, I realised that the women I grew up with had encouraged and inspired me to be the best I could be – they were strong, fearless and always there for me and each other, they gave me the self-belief necessary to go out into the world and succeed.

When it came to naming the designs, it was a simple decision and felt right – these strong, northern women would have been thrilled to be included. Also, from a personal point of view, it feels like it keeps their memory alive.



What’s coming up for Taylor Yates in 2018?

Our first Beautiful Purpose event was held in Belfast in November 2017. We intend to run more of these in 2018 to enable us to help more women and grow the brand.

We’ll also be exploring the possibility of some pop-up shops and encouraging more people to join the Taylor Yates community. We hope to introduce at least two new designs and some new colours to the collection, too.


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