Monthly Must-Have: Forevermark Centre of My Universe Ring

In our monthly must-have, Positive Luxury selects an iconic item from our #brandstotrust that we’ve been coveting. This month, romance is in the air as we choose Forevermark’s Centre of My Universe Ring.


For us, Forevermark’s Centre of My Universe design is the ultimate engagement ring – a perfect marriage of strength and beauty.

Each piece in this stunning collection features a Forevermark solitaire diamond at its centre, surrounded by a delicate halo of pave.Available with both a plain or diamond encrusted band, it is a style that is contemporary yet timeless and can be passed down within a family for generations to come. 

This central diamond carries the Forevermark promise of being beautiful, rare and responsibly-sourced – perfectly symbolising the enduring integrity and strength of your love for each other.



Forevermark, part of The De Beers Group of Companies, brings you the most carefully selected diamonds in the world. Each Forevermark diamond is responsibly sourced, and then meticulously cut, polished and graded, before being given an inscription of the Forevermark icon and a unique number. This inscription does not affect the internal quality of the diamond, yet gives you peace of mind of the diamond’s exceptional quality.

Forevermark goes beyond responsible sourcing to ensure a positive social and environmental impact within the regions it works in. Forevermark invests greatly in the livelihoods of its employees and the wider communities, offering health services and education programmes.

While for every acre of land used for mining by Forevermark, The De Beers Group dedicates five acres to conservation of nature, building thriving ecosystems with healthy populations of native wild animals and plants.




Click or tap the Butterfly Mark to discover the Positive Actions that make Forevermark a brand to trust;  

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