Mr & Mrs T On Tour: The Couple On A Mission to Live Better

Based in Baden, Switzerland, Nicole and Ralf are a couple better known as Mr & Mrs T on tour. After wondering how they could live a more sustainable life, they decided to embark on a journey around the world – travelling by Tesla. Here, they share their unique insights into sustainable travelling, hospitality and living on the go.  


It all started in 2015 when we decided to buy a Tesla. It changed our lives entirely; we realised that it’s possible to enjoy things that are totally luxurious and enable us to live more sustainably. The car was a door opener and we started to think differently about things – including the way we travel.

Next, came the idea for a Tesla travel guide. In mid 2017 we had the opportunity to visit the Tesla factory in Fremont and witnessing the Chief Designer’s speech, we were really inspired and decided that night to do the trip in order to collect and share positive experiences. We both quit our jobs, left our flat and hit the road the beginning of April.

You can charge a Tesla in many destinations, so traveling is always easy, but you never know what the place is like – who the owners are, what the staff are like, what kind of atmosphere a place has. We love boutique hotels where the owner is still the person who runs it as much as we enjoy luxury hotels where the management and staff are equally passionate about delivering an excellent service to their guests while acting in a sustainable manner.



We believe that knowing about more sustainable options is the first step in order to make more sustainable choices which result in a more sustainable lifestyle overall!

We aren’t too detailed with planning and we try to stay flexible. We plan to travel through Europe until mid December, then we leave our car in Switzerland and fly to Australia where we want to rent a Tesla if possible and do that for about 3 months. Then we would like to continue in Asia, before we finally visit the USA. We try to travel as environmental friendly as possible. Therefore, the carbon footprint of our journey is compensated in cooperation with our partner – a globally operating non profit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland.

When we choose where to stay, our starting point is to look at the Tesla Destination Charging Locations map as it tells you which hotel already has a charger. From there we do our own research. In any case we have to first really experience the place before we write our review, so balancing out when we enjoy the place and when we work is quite challenging at times as we switch hotels every two to three nights.


One of the best parts of traveling is the people you meet, and what you can learn from every place. From the hotels we’ve stayed in so far, every single one has something special and unique. We’re collecting so many ideas and positive approaches from who we’ve met and where we’ve stayed and because it’s all about sharing and helping each other to become better, we also interconnect and provide alternatives where we see room for improvement.

In Italy we learned some truly powerful lessons for life at Fattoria San Martino, located in beautiful Tuscany. MasQi – The Energy House was definitely one of our highlights in Spain where we learned so many new ways how to recharge our own batteries.

And while these are just two positive examples we found many other inspiring places. Each one of them was made out of passion and love and you feel so much more comfortable there. This is really the positive gift of this experience – you get connected with people, nature and the life around you.

Make an enquiry about MasQi hotel here…

Our definition of luxury has changed dramatically since we are on the road. Some people that we know define luxury based on how much does it cost, and the more it costs the better. Our definition is a different one. It’s not only about 5stars, it’s about treating the whole environment respectfully on a high quality level. When someone makes you feel at home by delivering an outstanding service and takes care of the environment by acting sustainable at the same time, this is what we call true luxury. We like bed and breakfast as well as five star hotels – it’s the full range but a unique collection.

Our journey is really an adventure for us. At first, it was difficult to discover hotels and companies that we could trust; who had the same values as us. Now we know about Positive Luxury, it’s easier to know which companies take responsibility.

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Image of the couple photographed by Valeriano Di Domenico

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