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Storm Keating

With productions of several high profile television programs including The X Factor Australia, Masterchef Australia, The Voice, The Apprentice, Junior Masterchef and So You Think You Can Dance under her belt, Storm Keating is no stranger to success.

Now based in London, where she lives with husband Ronan and their pug Aussie, Storm continues to carve out a successful career for herself writing formats for her own production company, Entourage Management Agency, fundraising for the family’s foundation, the Marie Keating Foundation, and being a brand ambassador to Positive Luxury.

Born in Australia, as the youngest of four siblings, Storm spent her childhood singing, dancing, modelling and performing. She studied Film & Television at the University of Queensland for three years before being awarded a scholarship to study abroad at The University of California, Los Angeles. 

Upon returning to Australia, Storm began working at Network Nine in Sydney, and worked her way up the ranks until she was producing some of the highest rating programs in Australia. It was here that she met singer-songwriter Ronan Keating, on the set of The X Factor Australia, where Ronan was a judge. The couple got married in Edinburgh in August 2015.


One word that describes you?


Who is the greatest influence in your career/life?

That would be my husband (singer-songwriter Ronan Keating). We work as a team across everything we do and use each other as a sounding board on all decisions we make, personal or career based. It works well because we know we’ll always be 100% honest with each other, even if sometimes it’s not what we want to hear. We’re also both super creative and workshop well together on all sorts of things. Because we also come from different backgrounds (Ro is the one who is ‘street smart’ whereas I am the one who is ‘book smart’) we compliment each other. One’s strengths outweighs the other’s weaknesses and vice versa. It works because we are comfortable being completely honest with each other – it’s no exaggeration that we are each other’s greatest fan and biggest critic all at the same time. The dynamic is amazing and it’s really inspiring to be in a relationship that both nurtures and challenges you. Ro has always loved the fact that I’m driven and career focused and so our relationship has been this way from the start – one of not only unconditional love, but unconditional support and respect.


What is your greatest achievement?

I think being proud and happy with who I am as a person is my greatest achievement. It might sound a bit left field, but I think to have a positive and balanced outlook on life and to be confident in your own skin is not all that easy in today’s society. I can honestly say that I would want to be friends with me and not for any superficial reasons, but because I’m a good person with a good heart. I’ve never lost touch with who I am and what my values or priorities are plus I have never jeopardised my moral standing in order to succeed. Of course no one is perfect and we all make small mistakes here and there, but I think overall I’ve kept a pretty good head about me and I’m proud to be able to say that.

What is your most prized possession?

My wedding and engagement rings. They represent the two happiest days of my life as well as my future happiness.

What’s the best lesson you’ve been taught?

I remember when I was about 11 years old I was disappointed with a small present I was given by a grandparent. My mum sat me down and told me why I should be grateful for everything that was given to me no matter how large or small it was. She explained how it was the thought behind the gift that made it special and that the more thought that went into it, the more special it was. I processed this and applied the lesson to everything that came into my life from friendships and kind words, to opportunities and thoughtful actions. I think it’s one of the greatest lessons I have ever learnt because it ultimately has shaped who I am as a person. When you’re always aware of the positive people or things that come your way it’s hard not to be happy for each day and project positivity everywhere. You also feel indebted for all the good in your life and have an innate need to give back. You tend not to take things for granted and have a true appreciation for the simplest of things and so each day has a silver lining and the future is always bright.


What could you not live without?

I hate to admit this, but my phone. I know it’s an awful habit to be on your phone all the time, but when you’re juggling a million different things daily and constantly on the road travelling, having a phone is an absolute blessing. It allows me to stay in touch with everyone and I can take conference calls from anywhere in the world. Plus I have access to all my emails so work never falls by the wayside. It’s like a very small portable office and I do love the convenience and efficiency! Especially these days with apps that allow me portable versions of all my spreadsheets – I wouldn’t achieve half as much as I do if I didn’t have it.

What steps do you take to make your life more positive?

Firstly I take 15 minutes every morning to buckle up our adorable little pug (her name is Aussie) and drive down to our cafe to have a great cappuccino and some eggs on toast. Then we head back to the park where we walk Aussie and watch her play with the other dogs – she loves it and to be honest it makes us giggle every time. It’s simple little routines like this which we find are a lovely and positive way to start the day. My simple evening routine includes hitting the couch with a big glass of cold milk plus a bar of chocolate and unwinding to an episode from one of our favourite TV dramas.

During the day, some of the steps I take include trying to give out a positive energy to the people around me, even if sometimes I’m feeling a bit tired or stressed. I also like to sew and make things by hand, whether it be birthday cards, Christmas decorations or mending toys/ sewing buttons back onto clothes… I’ve always liked doing little bits about the house myself rather than calling on tradesmen or women to do it for me, it helps me feel grounded and self sufficient. I also especially like doing these sorts of things for friends and family.

Finally I guess little contributions like recycling our waste and imparting small random acts of kindness on people whenever the opportunity arises, are more generic ways I try to live a more positive life.


What does positive luxury mean to you?

For me, Positive Luxury means taking responsibility for our environment and for each other. It means making the world a better place by changing the face of consumerism and the way companies do business… It means caring about people, animals and the environment and empowering each other to create positive change simply through the things that we buy. I guess ultimately it means a positive future not just for us, but for all future generations.

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