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Imagine a relaxing Sunday night bath. Fragrant bath oils, frothy bubbles…and heavenly-scented candles to set a chill-out atmosphere. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, next time you sink into a revitalising bath, you might find yourself reaching for a WOO candle to add a touch of planet-friendly luxury. WOO (standing for Worlds of Opportunities) creates quality candles with delicious perfumes and a heart for sustainability.

This candle brand was born from the idea to transform the untapped skills of different places around the world while teaching the local craftsmen to manage their businesses and helping impoverished people rise to a better life situation – while creating a beautiful product. This represents Worlds of Opportunities – WOO.

Every WOO candle is created using local skills and resources. The brand works closely with around 1,000 bee farmers in Vietnam to source the highest-quality beeswax that’s paraffin-free, ensuring the candle burns cleanly. WOO is also engaged in the local communities to help support bee farmers.

The wax is filtered and melted in WOO’s workshops, where the fragrances are added. All of WOO’s wicks are handmade from cotton.

WOO’s candle bottles are sourced from the streets, restaurants and hotels in Indochina, where the recycling of vodka and wine bottles gives the materials new life as well as lend a unique touch to the final product. WOO buys the bottles from organised collectors and supports their work by teaching financial management skills, which then allow the workers to streamline their income and create a better life for themselves. The workers clean, cut and sand the bottles by hand and a specialist team sandblasts the WOO logo on them.

WOO candles come in four signature fragrances (aside from the natural, no perfume added kind): Tranquility, a floral bouquet; Radiance, a blend of citrus and fruit with musk notes; Treasure, with florals and spices; and Vodka Lime, a zesty mix of lemongrass, citronella and eucalyptus.

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