In the News: Can upcycling really help the oceans?


Apple’s Supply Chain Attracts Criticism For Performance But Also Praise For Sustainability

Two recent studies report varying performance levels in Apple’s supply chain. Bloomberg argue that it’s lost its mojo, but Greenpeace rates the tech giant as a sustainability pioneer. Few corporate supply chains are scrutinized quite like Apple’s.


Can upcycling really help the oceans?

This article originally appeared on Oceans Deeply. For important news about our world’s oceans, sign up to the Oceans Deeply email list. When oil prices drop, as they have in recent years, recycling profits plummet. In most countries, it’s cheaper to simply make new petroleum-based plastic goods than turn the ones used once into the same items again.


This Week In Climate Change – What You Need To Know

You’re busy, we get it. Here’s your five-step catch-up for all the biggest environmental news from the last seven days. *** 1. Waitrose are trialling non-plastic packaging for tomatoes. This week the supermarket will be experimenting with an environmentally friendly form of packaging for tomatoes, comprised of recycled cardboard pulp and dried tomato leaf.


Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer, Is Leaving

“We believe this is a necessary move to make Burberry exciting again,” Luca Solca, head of luxury goods at the investment company Exane BNP Paribas, wrote in an analyst note. “Creative directors – like all artists (painters, composers, singers) – tend to produce variations on a theme.


Op-Ed | Why Mindful Millennials Are Modern Pagans

NEW YORK, United States- To understand the amorphous group known as “the consumer”, one has to step back and recognise that consumers are people. And how people act, individually or as a group, is driven by how they feel.


V&A to stage an exhibition on fashion’s relationship with nature

Watson’s Calvin Klein look made from recycled plastic bottles is one of the most important exhibits. Designed in separate parts, it was intended to be re-worn in different ways and it was created as part of the “Green Carpet Challenge” with Eco-Age, an initiative which pairs sustainability with glamour.


How To Leverage Sustainability To Increase Business Profitability

As Kermit the Frog lamented, “it’s not easy being green.” However, with scientists releasing increasingly alarming evidence pointing to rising sea levels, hotter summers and the global community’s escalating carbon footprint, “being green” is frankly no longer good enough.

8-Innovation Corner

Carbon removal plant turns CO2 greenhouse gas into underground rock

Developers have started pilot testing the world’s first carbon removal solution that captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, mineralizes it, and sends it more than 700 metres underground. The pilot plant at Hellisheidi in Iceland, next to one of the world’s largest geothermal power stations, is part of an EU-backed “negative emissions” scheme called CarbFix2.

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