In the News: Golden Globes fashion was a blur of black accessorized with activism



Golden Globe fashion was a blur of black accessorized with activism

It was basically an all-black red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards, which meant that visually, it was rather monotonous.


A ‘Paris Agreement for shipping’ could lower maritime emissions

This year, the world’s first fully electric and autonomous container ship could set sail, voyages that will take tourists to the Titanic will launch and a team of scientists will visit the collapsed Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica to explore a marine ecosystem that has been hidden for 120 years.


How Vietnam’s textile industry is trying to be more eco-friendly

The world’s fifth biggest textiles and garment exporter, Vietnam is cracking down on polluters, while foreign investors are building new factories to higher standards and using more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes


Why beauty will continue to rule retail in 2018

Either there’s something in the water at these powder-filled palaces or the rest of retail just isn’t learning the lesson here. “Experience” is a buzzword in retail today, with companies falling over each other to create a store with the right atmosphere , the right price points and loyalty programs, and a unique format .


Fashioned from Nature: The V&A exhibition set to explore sustainable fashion.

This year, The V&A museum launches ‘Fashioned from Nature,’ a revelatory fashion exhibition tracing the complex relationship between fashion and the natural world, spanning over four hundred years. Fashionable dress has always drawn on the beauty and power of nature for inspiration, something shown in the wealth of the exhibition’s offerings, from garments from Christian Dior to accessories from Dries Van Noten.


‘Blue Planet II’ Demonstrates Mainstream Media’s Role in Driving Consumer Behavior Change

Sustainability is increasingly becoming an integral part of business practice, but consumers continue to hold the key to achieving long-term change – a concept that has been widely observed by consulting firms and multinational corporations alike. New data from online search behavioral specialist Hitwise reaffirms this, and demonstrates how mainstream television can be used to inspire consumers into action.



Major clothing brands have agreed to map their Chinese factories’ pollution in real time

Hidden thousands of miles from the view from Western shoppers, Chinese textile mills producing for major US and European clothing brands have been some of the worst polluters in the fashion industry. For years, many have dumped toxic chemicals used for dyeing and finishing fabrics directly into waterways untreated, turning them unnatural colors, and causing health problems for…


Amazon’s smart mirror patent teases the future of fashion

On Tuesday, the tech giant was granted a patent for a blended reality mirror, which could superimpose virtual clothing onto your reflection. It would also be capable of placing you in a virtual scene, like a beach or a restaurant, to match an outfit with the occasion.



Davy J: Circular Sportswear Is Next on Sustainable Fashion’s Checklist

Circular design principles continue to infiltrate the fashion industry as fast fashion giants and emerging labels alike turn their attention to sustainable activewear. Despite recent criticism over its decision to send its discarded clothing to Swedish incinerators, continues to stride forward on its mission to accelerate the circular fashion movement.


Forevermark at Golden Globes 2018: The Best Jewelry On The Red Carpet

The Golden Globes red carpet Sunday was the scene of a blackout as nominees, presenters and attendees wore all-black outfits to the awards presentation at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.


Stephen Webster to Return as Host for 2018 Gem Awards

New York–British jewelry designer Stephen Webster is returning to the stage at the upcoming Gem Awards. Jewelers of America and the Gem Awards committee have announced that Webster will again be the host of its annual event, held this year on Friday, January 19, at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City.


14 amazing places to escape to during Dry January feat. Wildfitness

If, four days in, your resolve is already weakening, check out – or into – these detox-friendly travel experiences. My head still hurts. What do you mean I can’t have a mince pie for elevenses? And surely it’s time for a sherry? Oh lord, it’s January. I need to reassess my life.


Weleda Beauty at London Fashion Week Men’s The Model Zone

The British Fashion Council runs The Model Zone as part of the Model Health Programme and to ensure the well-being of models during London Fashion Week and London Fashion Week Men’s.


L’Oréal’s Head of Innovation Labs on What’s Working and Not Working With Wearables

L’Oréal thinks the big future of wearables is getting smaller. Specifically, wearables will be the size of one of your fingernails. Literally.

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