In the News: Why new luxury brands are causing disruption



Why new luxury brands are causing disruption

New brands and business models are disrupting all sectors, from Airbnb to Monzo to Netflix and Alibaba. The luxury sector is no different. New luxury brands are causing huge disruption in what was previously a much more exclusive brand club. Apple is as desirable as Cartier, or more so among millennials.


Mintel reveals tops trends driving beauty market in 2018

Natural ingredients, personalisation, social responsibility and digital innovation will be the key forces driving the beauty and personal care market in 2018, according to a new report by market intelligence agency Mintel. The company identified the key trends that will impact the market over the coming year, dividing them into four overarching themes, including natural beauty, new beauty rules, social responsibility and digital technology.


Is The Second Wave Of Sustainability Finally Here?

Sustainability is a buzzword that many people are sick of hearing. It’s been overused and virtually lost its meaning (although trying to define it in practical terms is actually pretty hard, but more on that later.)


Tech titans José Neves and Ian Rogers on the future of luxury fashion

It’s a sunny Saturday morning in Paris when two tech titans sit down to discuss the future of the luxury fashion industry over turmeric lattes and granola pots.


Luxury industry to bounce back in 2017

After a rather weak 2016, the luxury sector looks to be on track to bounce back in 2017. Until recently, analysts predicted growth of 5% for this year, but the global luxury market could well be looking at an increase of 6 to 7% in constant currencies.


Gucci’s Cracked The Luxury Code With Millennials, Thanks To Its Dream Team Of Bizzarri And Michele

How the dream team of CEO Marco Bizzarri and creative director Alessandro Michele are reinventing luxury brand Gucci for the next generation of customers, the millennials. They are doing it by Bizzarri giving Michele free rein on the creative side.



Coffee-fuelled commute? London buses to run on fuel made from used coffee grounds

Shell and bio-bean team up to provide biofuel containing part coffee oil for London buses in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Oil giant Shell and UK start-up bio-bean have teamed up on a project to provide a low carbon biofuel for London buses that contains waste coffee grounds collected from high-street retailers.


The Ethical Smartphone Revolution Is Now. Here’s How To Get On Board

Like us, you probably lovingly fondle your device countless times a day (the average person in the UK checks their smartphone 85 times over 24 hours, according to a 2015 study from Nottingham Trent University.) You’re also likely not with the same



AITCH AITCH Designer Hailey Harmon Has A Solution To Fashion’s Sustainability Problem

The fashion industry is notorious for its negative environmental impact. Designer and entrepreneur Hailey Harmon is helping set a new standard for sustainability using an unexpected resource: fish. Recent conversations on sustainability have put a spotlight on fashion, a $2.4 trillion industry known for its eco-irresponsibility.


Meet 2017’s inspiring Women of the Future, featuring Davy J

In today’s society we constantly see men winning all the awards. At the same time, women’s successes and achievements are often overshadowed by the news of men doing similar, if not lesser things. But thankfully that could be coming to an end, a revolution of celebrating women has started and it could help pave the way for a more equal society.


Po-Zu raising £350,000 investment on Crowdcube

Ranked the no. 1 Ethical Shoe Brand for 11 consecutive years, Po-Zu is a leading ethical footwear label launched in 2006. The company appointed new Managing Director, Safia Minney MBE, in Jan 2017 and has increased monthly revenue by over 100% YOY.


Meet the Winners of the 2018 Eluxe Awards! Including AEOS & Virginia Stone

By Diane Small It was a greatly anticipated and carefully planned event, but the Eluxe Awards were tough going this year – there were more brands and categories than ever to choose from, our People’s Choice vote garnered so many votes it made our site go down for a bit, and to top it all off, our editor got called to South America just weeks before our awards event, so she thought it’d be best to cancel it.

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