Organisation tips to ease you into a new year

Now the holiday season is over, the new year offers a chance to wipe the slate clean and plan for the months to come – and the exciting possibilities they may bring. If you’re struggling to get back into a routine, we’re here to offer a few organisational steps that will help ease you into 2017.


Detox your digital life

Hundreds of unwanted emails filling up your inbox? We know it’s not the most exciting advice, but trust us you’ll feel better once you’ve cleared the digital clutter. Try to unsubscribe from all those newsletters that you ignore or delete anyway, and sign up for the ones you really want – starting with Positive Luxury’s of course! By starting off the year organising your e-mails into lists, you’ll be able to prioritise and address all your messages when you’re in the right mindset.  Try to manage your e-mails. Curb your phone addiction…you don’t need to look at your phone every five minutes! 

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Get those dates in your diary

Ease yourself back into work mode by keying in those important dates in the year ahead. Organising those dates — birthdays, important deadlines, holidays — will help you put better balance between your professional and personal life. It not only helps you see how you’re dividing your hours and days (hello, workaholics!), it also helps as a visualisation tool for your goals so that you keep your promises to yourself. For classic styles in plenty of colours, you can’t go wrong with a Smythson diary, or if you want something that you can use for years to come we suggest Louis Vuitton’s agenda, which can be refilled each year with fresh pages. 



Keep on time

It’s previously been suggested that people who are late are overly optimistic – always thinking that they’ve got time to run that errand on the way, or not anticipating those roadworks. Well whatever your reason, make your new year’s resolution to always be on time – with the help of a classic timepiece from IWC Schaffhausen. This #brandtotrust blends precision engineering with luxurious design keeping sustainability at the heart of its business. Keep it classic, keep it conscious.  

IWC Schaffhausen: The Portofino Hand-Wound Day & Date (Ref. IW516201) features mechanical movement, a date and day indicator, and power reserve display. (PHOTOPRESS/IWC)



Everything in its place

Popping a small clutch into your regular handbag is a great way to get more organised. Fill this with all your little essentials – lip balm, chewing gum, hair grips – to make it easy to transfer between handbags. Made in South Africa, the pouch from Okapi is crafted from local exotic skins for an authentic and sustainable finish. Or for something a little more dapper, Passavant and Lee’s No. 25 portfolio case has a pocket for every item you could ever need.  By streamlining your routine, you streamline your mind! 

passavant and lee no 25 portfolio

Passavant and Lee No. 25 Portfolio




New year, new notebook

Turn over a new leaf in January with a fresh notebook. Jot down inspiration, ideas, lists, reflections, and dreams — make your goals all about you! Evernote and Moleskine have partnered together to help blur the line between digital and physical notebooks, so you can capture your imagination. We love the journals from Elvis & Kresse – each notebook is covered in reclaimed fire-hose from the London Fire Brigade for a fun yet practical finish that will retain its look throughout the year. 50% of the profits go to the Fire Fighters Charity too, so you know that your purchase is helping to do good.   

Elvis and Kresse

Elvis & Kresse Notebook


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