Pearls Are Back – And More Conscious Than Ever

After the classic jewellery trend was revived by fashion houses this summer, catwalks such as Chanel proved that we will always have a penchant for pearls. Constantly being reinvented, it is the piece you ‘borrowed’ from your mother, the gem that ladies would clutch in 1920s films – and has taken on different stories through the ages. Today, there is one brand that is seeking to clean up their act, making them a truly modern accessory.

Thesis Gems is putting the storytelling back into pearls, each one telling a unique tale – and this one is particularly sweet.

The latest brand you can trust, the Japanese freshwater Kasumi pearls are grown in a freshwater delta, and are sourced from Kojima pearls which are sustainably farmed using fair labour practices – and the farmers have taken matters into their hands, spearheading efforts to rehabilitate the freshwater ecosystem.

While the Sea of Cortez pearl has a vivid history, today the farm in Guyamas, Mexico is the only cultured saltwater pearl farm in North and South America, and the only farm in the world utilizing a winged pearl oyster.

These pearls are cultivated in Bacochibampo Bay in the Gulf of California, an area where mollusks were once severely depleted but now thrive after careful restoration efforts. These particular pearls don’t require dyeing, revealing a natural spectrum of colour that suit all skin tones – how to wear your Thesis Gems piece? Look to soft knits in hues of blush, burgundy and navy to highlight the mindfully-sourced gold.

Making the perfect mindful gift, these exquisite pieces are an investment that won’t ever go out of fashion.

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