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AvantAge is driven by the desire to provide premium skincare for mature skin, with superior formulas that offer visible results. It’s not about “anti-ageing”; it’s about making the most of your skin’s health and appearance for a beautiful complexion.

This brand to trust has carefully engineered a complete skincare range to improve the skin’s appearance while protecting against cell damage and enhancing skin renewal, using scientific approaches combined with nature’s finest ingredients.

AvantAge’s Brand Manager Anja Hajdinjak took a moment to speak with Positive Luxury about then importance of “future-proofing” and the challenges faced in the beauty industry, by customer and brands.




What is AvantAge’s mission?

AvantAge’s mission is to create the most luxurious skincare with powerful formulas that deliver results.


What separates AvantAge from other beauty brands?

AvantAge has excellent clinical trial results – our products really work. For example after 28 days of treatment skin hydration was significantly increased and cell renewal time was significantly decreased.



The products contain natural biopolymers. How does the skin respond?

Biopolymers are completely natural active ingredients with instant skin-boosting benefits. In our Intense Hydration Serum, we use Hydrolysed Rhizobium gum, a natural biopolymer, and Acacia Gum. After application and absorption, the skin stretches resulting in smoother, younger skin with fewer fine lines.

AvantAge Hydrating Cream and AvantAge Ultra Hydrating Cream include a micro-network of natural biopolymers, enriched by a moisturising complex for intensive, instant and prolonged hydration. On the surface of the skin, these biopolymers form a molecular mesh loaded with the moisturising complex, this gradually releases into the outermost layer of the epidermis providing powerful hydration.




How do you identify and respond to trends in the industry?

AvantAge always seeks to use the latest technology and most advanced formulations in our products. The leading scientists who develop the range are always researching the most recent developments in skincare to ensure that our products stay cutting edge.


How important is future-proofing?

Future-proofing is at the heart of AvantAge’s approach to skincare. Prevention is better than cure and we believe in tackling the causes of skin ageing, rather than trying to reverse the ageing effect. Skin hydration is a big focus for AvantAge as dehydration is a major factor in premature skin ageing.




What is your favourite AvantAge product?

It is really hard to answer that! I absolutely adore the whole range – it is perfect for my skin and most effective when used as a complete regime. I love to use the cleanser first thing in the morning, it perfectly refreshes my skin for the day ahead without stripping it of natural oils. The Restorative Night Cream is also a favourite, it is so luxurious, it really feels like a treat to use before bed.


Find out more about AvantAge as a brand to trust here


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