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The AvantAge mission is to provide skincare that addresses issues without resorting to invasive needles or surgery, and as such have blended science and naturally sourced ingredients such as Hibiscus, plant based collagen, apple seed extract and grape seed oil, with many ingredients naturally occurring in the skin. We speak to Brand Manager Anja Hajdinjak to find out more about the future of the brand and why being a trusted brand is important to them.  

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Tell us a little about the origins of AvantÂge.

AvantÂge is driven by the desire to provide premium skincare for mature skin, with superior formulas that offer visible results. We have carefully engineered a complete skincare range to improve the skin’s appearance whilst protecting against cell damage and enhancing skin renewal, using scientific approaches combined with nature’s finest ingredients. We researched extensively to discover what causes the skin to age, how best to keep skin looking fresh, radiant and healthy and the ingredients to achieve this.

What’s your vision as you take the brand forward?

AvantÂge’s vision is to continue to pursue excellence in the quality of both the ingredients and the formulations used. A strong scientific foundation is a key principle for us. However, our intention is not to blind consumers with science. Too many skincare ranges confuse with complex formulas, unpronounceable ingredients and ambitious promises. We will always aim to keep things simple and easy to understand, so that consumers can choose the best products for their skin’s individual needs with confidence.


What are the benefits of AvantÂge over another premium skincare brand for mature skin?

AvantÂge is a premium skincare range that focuses on hydration. The ingredients, actives and complexes that we use throughout our products have been carefully chosen for their moisture giving properties. But we didn’t stop there. We believe in a pro-active approach to skincare so we also aim to prevent future skin distress. Consequently, we have focused on formulas that not only improve how your skin looks now but also protect it against cell damage going forward. This leads to a glowing and healthy complexion both now and in the future.

How can consumers be assured they are buying from a brand they can trust?

Exceptional ingredients are part and parcel of the AvantÂge philosophy. The ingredients we use are naturally sourced and naturally derived. All of our ingredients are ethically sourced, we adhere to BSC standards and use certified ingredients from the EU.

The AvantÂge range is dermatologically tested and the individual products have been tested in a number of consumer and clinical trials to ensure their ability to hydrate and improve skin texture.

AvantÂge are extremely proud to have been awarded the Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury, in recognition of our commitment to protecting the planet and its resources.


How do you think the beauty industry can influence consumer demand for responsible production?

Signing up to initiatives such as Positive Luxury and featuring the influential Butterfly Mark make it easier for consumers to make positive choices.

Describe AvantÂge in three words: Hydrating, nourishing, anti-ageing

Find out more about AvantAge and why they’ve been awarded the Butterfly Mark but visiting their brand page

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