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Fountain of Youth (F.O.Y.) skin care was originally developed to provide post-operative treatment for patients undergoing surgery and non-invasive, aesthetic procedures. The formulations were developed to provide patients with products that would allow them to prolong the results of their treatment at home. Clients found their skin to be renewed, smooth, supple and radiant.


F.O.Y. has now advanced into a range of ten salon skincare products created in collaboration with professional aestheticians, perfected by scientists and tested by dermatologists. Produced especially for the needs of mature skin, F.O.Y. is formulated with superior, advanced active ingredients that have been carefully selected to restore, repair and rejuvenate, while being gentle to the skin.


Fountain of Youth took a moment to speak with Positive Luxury about the importance of nature and nurture in skincare, and being a brand to trust.


What is Fountain of Youth’s purpose?

The pursuit of a mythical fountain that reverses the ravages of time is an age-old story, long sought by generations of adventurers and explorers; its presence has proved elusive. FOY believe that we have found that mythical fountain through the means of scientific, rather than geographic, exploration.

Originally developed for postoperative care following aesthetic procedures, the F.O.Y. team realised that they had unearthed formulations that could benefit everyone seeking the source of eternal youth. Our expert team have created an infusion of phytonutrients to capture skin’s youth, harnessing powerful ingredients which are boosted by the synergistic effect of our innovative skincare formulas.


FOY product range


What separates F.O.Y. from other beauty brands?

Our products are formulated with superior and advanced active ingredients, which work together to deliver more powerful results. When mixed in precise combinations, certain ingredients have a synergistic effect. In order to develop skin care products that make a difference, it is crucial to have a profound knowledge of these ingredients and a deep understanding of the synergistic effects they produce when blended together.


Nature provides us with the skin we live in. How does F.O.Y. nurture through nature?

FOY powers its products with an array of natural ingredients. For example Shea Butter fights dryness, prevents the occurrence of stretch marks and is rich in highly nourishing vitamins A, E, F. Wheat Germ Oil is rich in proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals which are essential for our skin. This remarkable oil improves the condition of skin, stimulates cell turnover and has antioxidant properties. Finally, Jojoba Oil is a wonderful oil that moisturises and softens the skin, whilst balancing the skin’s natural oil production.


FOY Jojoba


Who is the F.O.Y customer?

FOY is suitable for everyone; we really don’t have a typical customer! The range is currently only available in salons, so our customers are usually ladies who like to take care of their skin and value the very best products.


Find out more about Fountain Of Youth as a brand to trust here


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